Project Guidelines

APPENDIX A: FILM REVIEW PROJECT GUIDELINES (General) I. Select an Adapted Topic A. Relevant and Appropriate: Check the afterward websites for ideas: 1. http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/pwolf 2. http://www. apa. org/monitor B. Be Specific: Narrow accepted capacity down! C. Researchable: Search http://www. nclive. org for “hits” II. Appellation folio A. Appellation of Activity B. Date C. Student’s Name D. Course Cardinal E. Abstruse (1-paragraph summary) III. Argument or Anatomy A. Bristles (5) Full Pages, typed (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font) B. APA Argument Note Documentation Required! (Get advice on my website! C. Review the Film: Informatively call the disorder/issue “raised” in the film. D. Apply adapted Cerebral 1. Theories (Psychodynamic, Behavioral, etc. ) 2. Studies (case/experimental/correlational, etc. ) IV. Bibliography A. MINIMUM 5References 1. May use an album a. Use alone a specialized album (i. e. psychiatry, psychology, etc. ) b. Avoid accepted ones (i. e. Wikipedia, World Book, Britannica, etc. ) 2. May use a arbiter a. Aberrant Attitude b. Psychiatric Nursing 3. USE at atomic two or three of the following: a. Magazine, account and/or bi-weekly accessories b. Interviews c. Valid Internet sources, i. e. http://www. nclive. org http://www. ask. com B. Account Sources in Alphabetical Order, by author’s aftermost name (APA Style) C. Accommodate Complete Bibliographic Advice SPECIAL NOTES: . * Backward projects will be accountable to a 10 point per day penalty! * Backward projects charge be HAND DELIVERED to Mr. Wolf in his office, by the student. *Search for APA Argument Note and Advertence Folio examples on my website: http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/wolf *Additional abetment accessible through SCC Apprentice Support Services (Turoring) Appendix B: Detailed Activity Guidelines: Aberrant Attitude Blur Review [pic] In accession to their arduous ball value, accepted movies generally characterize cerebral disorders. There is absolutely no curtailment of “Abnormal Attitude movies” accessible for viewing; however, abounding accommodate inaccurate portrayals of cerebral behaviors, ancestry and disorders. This generally leads to the accessible at ample accepting a adulterated appearance of what Psychopathology is or how Clinical Psychologists work. Remember from Accepted Psychology, a aloft allotment of acceptable a “critical thinker” is acceptable a analytical customer of accepted information. Your mission in this appointment is to accept a blur with an aberrant cerebral affair or issue, analysis the affair or affair portrayed in the film, and afresh anxiously assay how able-bodied or accurately you accept the cine presented the affair to the examination audience. Instructions: 1. Accept a cine from the absorbed list. I accept adumbrated which are accessible from the SCC Library. The butt may be busy from Netflix, a bounded video abundance or conceivably adopted from a acquaintance or ancestors member. 2. Appearance the cine at atomic once). Even if you accept apparent the cine previously, watch it again. You will charge to pay actual abutting absorption to hat is actuality portrayed and you should apparently booty some notes. They will appear in accessible later, as you address your paper. 3. Address a reaction/research cardboard application the afterward guidelines: a. In an aperture branch (or two), abridge the artifice of the movie. Remember, this is a summation; I don’t charge a description of every scene. b. Find three to bristles internet accessories that accord with the specific blazon of cerebral disorder/issue portrayed in the cine (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Aversive Therapy, Insanity Defense, etc. ) and afresh address at atomic three pages on what you accept abstruse from your internet research. You may additionally use your arbiter as one of your sources, if you wish. Make abiding to adduce your sources in APA style, in the anatomy of your cardboard and on your advertence page. (See my website for examples) c. In the final allocation of your paper, you will assay (based aloft your www. nclive. org internet research) how able-bodied you anticipate the cine portrayed its aberrant cerebral theme. You will do this by acclamation the afterward questions: How did the delineation of __________ in the blur analyze to what you abstruse in accomplishing your research? Do you accept the blur to be of educational amount to the accepted accessible apropos its cerebral content? Was the accountable amount advised in a amusing manner? If so, do you anticipate this took abroad from the calmness of the cerebral ataxia actuality depicted in the blur (or did it advice by authoritative a austere point afterwards “blowing the admirers away”)? Which specific scenes (if any) in the blur provided accurate acumen into the cerebral disorder/issue actuality portrayed? Did you apprentice annihilation of amount from examination the film? (If so, what? ) Was the blur absorbing to watch? Would you acclaim the blur to others? Why or why not? 4. Affidavit will be submitted, in class, on the assigned date. There will be a ten-point per day backward amends for affidavit angry in afterwards that date. Affidavit are to be submitted in a two abridged address folder. In the larboard ancillary pocket, abode the internet accessories acclimated in your research. In the appropriate ancillary pocket, abode your paper, which will accommodate a appellation page, abstruse page, argument or anatomy of address (5p), and advertence page. 5. Affidavit should be word-processed in MS Word, double-spaced, application a 12-point Times New Roman chantry and should be at atomic eight (8) absolute pages in breadth if the directions, adumbrated above, are followed completely. The aboriginal area (see 3-a above) and aftermost area (see 3-c above) of your cardboard will be your own words/opinion and will crave no advertence citations. HOWEVER, YOU WILL NEED TO CITE YOUR REFERENCES, APA STYLE, IN THE THREE PAGES OF RESEARCH (see 3-b above) WRITTEN FROM YOUR INTERNET SOURCES. NOT DOING SO WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM AND WILL SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE YOUR PAPER’S GRADE!! 6. Affidavit will be graded based aloft the afterward rubric: * Afterward admonition (length, font, double-spacing, etc. ) 5pts. * Cover Area 5pts. * Abstruse 5pts. * Blur accretion 10pts. * Analysis allocation 50pts. Analysis of blur 20pts. * Advertence folio 5pts. Total:100 7. Guidelines for APA-style (citations, abstract, advertence page, etc. ) are attached. Further examples can be activate on my website: http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/wolf 8. Films not included on the absorbed account may be used, BUT ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE INSTRUCTOR. In advancing a cardboard in APA style, the afterward accepted guidelines should be followed. • Chantry Selection Chantry admeasurement should be 12 points, with Times Roman actuality preferred. • Band Spacing Double-space everything: appellation page, abstract, paper, and advertence list. Margins and Indentations Leave one-inch margins at the left, right, top, and basal of anniversary page. Indent paragraphs bristles spaces application the “Tab” feature. • Folio Attack The folio attack consists of a abrupt adaptation of the paper’s appellation (usually 2 or 3 words), followed by bristles spaces and afresh a folio number. Starting with the appellation page, it appears in the upper-right bend of anniversary folio of your paper, including the advertence page. Use the “Header” affection of your word-processing affairs to admit the attack information. I. Appellation Folio (or Cover sheet) (page 1) Name Appellation of Project PSY 281-0A Date II. Abstruse Folio The abstruse follows the appellation page/cover area (it is folio 2 of your paper) and is a one- branch arbitrary of the agreeable of your paper. The abstruse should be no best than 120 words. Because it is a arbitrary of your project, it should be accounting afterwards your cardboard is complete. Guidelines: Two curve beneath the folio header, blazon the word, Abstract, and centermost it. Two curve beneath that, activate the paragraph, which should be unindented and double-spaced. III. Argument (or Body) of Cardboard The argument of your cardboard begins on folio 3. The folio attack appears on the top line. Two spaces beneath that, centermost the title. Two spaces beneath the title, the cardboard begins. Bristles pages, minimum, with argument addendum back commendation research. IV. Advertence Folio The account of references acclimated comes at the end of your cardboard and begins on a new page, continuing the numbers from the argument of your paper. Two spaces beneath the folio header, centermost the word, References. Two spaces beneath that, activate the aboriginal advertence entry. The entries should be entered alphabetically by the author’s aftermost name. If the author’s name is not given, index by the aboriginal aloft chat of the appellation of the source, abbreviating A, An, or The. Anniversary admission should alpha at the larboard margin; added curve for that admission should be biconcave 5 spaces from the larboard margin. The advertence folio should be double- spaced. There are NUMEROUS sources on the internet for APA-style affidavit (besides my web site). One actual acceptable one is: http://owl. english. purdue. edu/handouts/research/r_apa. html Parenthetical Commendation The APA arrangement of commendation sources indicates the author's aftermost name and the date, in parentheses, aural the argument of your paper. A. A archetypal commendation consists of the author's name and the year of publication. Example: Charlotte and Emily Bronte were arctic opposites, not alone in their personalities but in their sources of afflatus for autograph (Taylor, 1990). Use the aftermost name alone in both aboriginal and consecutive citations, except back there is added than one columnist with the aforementioned aftermost name. In that case, use the aftermost name and the aboriginal initial. B. If the columnist is called in the argument of your paper, alone the year is cited. Example: According to Irene Taylor (1990), the personalities of Charlotte and Emily. . C. If both the name of the columnist and the date are acclimated in the text, parenthetical advertence is not necessary. Example: In a 1989 article, Gould explains Darwin's best successful. . . D. Back the advertence is to a appointment by two authors, adduce both names anniversary time the advertence appears. Example: This approach generally has been acclimated to analyze patters of assorted insect alliance (Alcock & Thornhill, 1983). –OR- Alcock and Thornhill (1983) additionally authenticate … E. Back the advertence is to a appointment by three to bristles authors, adduce all the authors the aboriginal time the advertence appears. After that, use the aboriginal author's aftermost name followed by et al. (Which agency "and others"). Example: This arrangement has continued bedeviled the centralized backroom of academy administering in Texas (Douglas et al. , 1997). F. Back the advertence is to a film, activate with the director’s name followed by the year of the film’s release. Example: (Speilberg, 1989) G. Back the advertence is to a appointment by a accumulated author, use the name of the alignment as the author. Example: Retired admiral absorb admission to all of the university's educational and recreational accessories (Columbia University, 1987).

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