Project: Course Lesson Plan/Syllabus Development

Working in college education, you will generally be asked to accord to new amount affairs conception or revision. To be able to accept this process, you accept started with acquirements about how to acquaint and coact in college education, and you accept additionally abstruse the roles of the bodies complex in the curricular and programmatic development process. Now, you will booty that ability and activate to assemble genitalia of a mini amount affairs of your own.

Part 1: Domains and Competencies

First, choose a agreeable area that has acquirements standards and a specialized able association. An breadth such as Apprenticeship or History. Your abutting footfall will be to locate the best accepted standards for antecedent licensure programs. Those standards awning the agreeable of an absolute amount affairs in that area. You will alone advance a allocation of a amount for this course, so amuse choose ONLY one standard. Your accepted may accept several competencies beneath it. This is typical.

Take the accepted and address one breadth for your program. Next, develop three(3) competencies that acceptance charge adept in adjustment to accomplish the ambition of that domain. In added topics, you will advance activities, assessments, appointment plans, and syllabi to go with this breadth and its competencies.

Part 2: Reflection

a. Reflect on the domain, as able-bodied as and how you absitively on the competencies accumbent with it, in 150 words.

b. Why did you chose the accurate accepted from which to build?  How are you action to use this in your approaching able practice?

Now that you accept a breadth with some competencies that you acquired from your SPA standards, go aback and attending at the standards certificate as a whole. List the standards met abutting to the breadth and competencies.

c. Submit one certificate with both the breadth and the competencies and absorption on it.

*Note: For example, if you met the International Literacy Affiliation (ILA) Accepted 2, adequacy 4 with a specific adequacy you’ve written, you’d address (ILA 2.4) abutting to the competency. Often, you will acquisition that the competencies you developed accommodated added than one standard/competency in the all-embracing standards document. Amuse account all of the standards you accept met and clarify the accent of your domain/competency document. You may acquisition that if you change a chat or two, you will be able to awning added standards/competencies.

Part 3: Syllabus

Describe three activities a adroitness affiliate could facilitate that would advice acceptance be able to adept your competencies from Part 1. Accomplish abiding that at atomic one adequacy is covered with anniversary activity. You can awning a adequacy added than one time. At this point, you are alone anecdotic the activities. You do not charge to actualize the abstracts to go with those activities  (handouts, templates, presentations, etc.

Using the abridgement template, your ambition is to complete a abridgement for the advance you accept been alive on that incorporates the appointment you developed. It is up to you whether you appetite this advance to be delivered in a traditional, online, or amalgam setting.

Your completed abridgement should include:

1.  Course title, description, and textbook
2.  Three competencies from the affairs architecture this advance will meet
3.  Eight topics, with anniversary affair having

  • One assessable objectives accumbent to bookish standards.
  • Suggested readings from arbiter and/or alternative sources (include links to accessories or websites you would like them to review)
  • Description of the assignment, activity, or appraisal (you will accomplish use of the two determinative and one accumulative appraisal you created)
  • One or two altercation questions for the acceptance to acknowledgment either face to face or online

4.  Grading Scale and point allocation for assignments.

5.  Two Determinative Assessments, accumbent to the affair akin objectives (these should be declared in the capacity and absorbed to the end of the syllabus).

6.  One Accumulative Assessment, accumbent to the affairs akin competencies (this should be declared in the affair and absorbed to the end of the syllabus).

Note: On the website for your SPA, blazon SPA assessments into the chase engine. There, you will about acquisition bristles to eight types of assessments accounted adequate for your agreeable area. If you use advice from alternative sources to actualize your assessment, amuse adduce appropriately. In-text citations and references should be presented application APA affidavit guidelines.

Part 4: Reflection 

a. Address a 200-word assay on the collaborative action of developing curriculum.

b. In 300-words, reflect of the action you went through to access curricular alignment. What formed able-bodied and what would you change the abutting time you accept to attending at alignment? How would you use this in your approaching able practice?

c. Abide your assay and reflection, and completed abridgement as one deliverable

You are appropriate to abide this appointment to Turn-It-In. 

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