Project 5

  Complete Chapter 10 Case Activity 4 "Installation Troubleshooting at North Jetty Manufacturing" (page 496 in book text).  Acquisition a PRODUCT to acclaim for anniversary scenario.  (For example, demography common break from the computer ability be a acceptable abstraction if addition is experiencing discomfort, but there are additionally ergonomic articles which ability advice the situation.  You are to acquisition one or added of those articles for anniversary of the six scenarios.)  For anniversary of the problems listed, accommodate not alone your artefact recommendation, but additionally the URL that anon takes the clairvoyant to the artefact you are advising on the Web. (Do not accommodate a URL to the home folio of the supplier, but rather the complete URL that links anon to the one artefact you are recommending.) Additionally accommodate a articulation to a web armpit of reviews of that product. (If the reviews are on the aforementioned folio as the artefact itself, agenda that in your memo). Make CERTAIN that your certificate is in the anatomy of a announcement to Candace Van Camp, as declared in your textbook. (There is a business announcement arrangement in Microsoft Word, if you charge advice with announcement format). Spelling, grammar, actual citations, and agreeable will all access your activity grade.

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