project 5

   Instructions Nursing Approach Analysis Paper Overview/Description:  The purpose of this appointment is to describe, appraise and altercate appliance of a nursing admirable or mid-range theory. This appointment additionally provides the abecedarian an befalling to affix approach and analysis to nursing phenomena. Learners will advance an 8-10 folio cardboard (excluding the appellation folio and references) application APA appearance to abode the elements listed below. Theory/Author Name and Background  Select a Admirable or Mid-Range Approach that is adapted to your convenance setting. Describe the theorist's accomplishments in detail and altercate how their adventures accept impacted the approach development. Examine acute references for the aboriginal and/or accepted assignment of the theorist and alternative authors autograph about the called theory. Identify the abnormality of affair or problems addressed by the theory. Theory Description Explain whether the approach uses deductive, anterior or retroductive reasoning. Provide affirmation to abutment your conclusion. Describe the above concepts of the theory. How are they defined? (theoretically and/or operationally) Is the columnist constant in the use of the concepts and alternative agreement in the theory? Interpret how the concepts are defined. Implicitly or explicitly? Examine the relationships (propositions) amid the above concepts. Evaluation Identify absolute and absolute assumptions (values/beliefs) basal the theory. On what assumptions does the approach build? Examine if the approach has a description of the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm. If so, how are they explained in the theory? If the metapardigm is not explained, what elements do you see as accordant to the approach and why? Discuss the accuracy of the theory. Did it accept acumen and consistency? Application Examine how the approach would adviser nursing actions. Describe accurately how you can use this approach in your breadth of nursing (Practice, Education, Informatics or Administration). Download the Approach Critique Template. APA Style/Format Theories that can’t be used: Jean-watson Virginia Henderson Patricia benner  USE THE ATTACHED TEMPLATE FOR THE ESSAY

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