You accept been asked by administration (healthcare) to actualize a analysis abode application a abstracts mining tool, abstracts analytic, BI tool. It is your albatross to search, download, and aftermath outputs application one of the tools. You will charge to focus your after-effects on the abstracts set you select.  Ensure to abode the beneath mentioned affair with the outputs. The appellation cardboard should accommodate the afterward affair as Header sections. Topic: How to advance Health Care System application abstracts mining techniques… Types of Abstracts Analytic Tools: Excel with Solver, but has limitations R Studio Tableau Public has a chargeless trial Microsoft Power BI Search for others with balloon options Examples of Abstracts set: Example: Project Construction Format: You should chase the following content format: Title:  Topic: Name:  Logan Lee ID: 123-45-567 Introduction Background [Discuss tool, benefits, or limitations] Review of the Abstracts [What are you reviewing?] Exploring the Abstracts with the tool Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees Other Alternative Techniques Summary of Results References (Ensure to use the Author, APA citations with any alfresco content). Assignment Instructions: 1. No ZIP file 2. The submitted assignment must be typed by ONE Single MS Word/PDF file. 3. At atomic 10 pages (not including branch and agreeable account pages) and 5 references. 4. Use 12-font admeasurement and 1.5 curve space. 5. No added than 4 abstracts and 3 tables. 6. Follow APA appearance and agreeable format. Note: Attached the Testbook of the advance for your reference. 

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