I accept absorbed the all-important assignments for this assignment.  Please stick to the assignment. I accept attatched the Abstract, and the annotated bibliography. Application: Actual Affair in Bent Justice Note: This appointment is allotment of your Final Project. Investigating issues is an important basic of alive in the U.S. bent amends system. For this assignment, you analyze the actual affair in bent amends that you will abode in the Final Paper. In Week 3's Assignment, you created an annotated outline/bibliography with a minimum of 8 assets on the actual affair you are absorption on for your Final Paper. You should activate to absorb those assets into this Assignment. As a reminder, you will charge to accommodate in your Final Paper a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles. You should abide your analysis in alertness for commutual all apparatus (Weeks 2, 3, 6, 7) of the 10-15 folio Final Paper that is due in Week 10. Note: Review the "Final Project Week Rubric 2, 3, 6" in the Course Advice breadth for added information. The appointment (2–3 pages): Explain the actual affair in bent amends that you articular in Week 2. Explain actual abstracts apropos the affair and explain laws or behavior that historically addressed the issue.

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