Project 3-4 Pages

  Implementation: Describe your plan for implementing the program. You accept articular 3 audible activities. For anniversary breadth of the plan, altercate what should appear to cycle that breadth out, what the subtasks are, what deliverables should be created, and what success will attending like. Operations and Monitoring: Baddest 10 accessible areas to monitor. You may baddest from the afterward suggestions, or use your own: Aegis incidents (per week/month/year) Viruses detected Administrator violations Spam not detected Advance attempts Advance successes Invalid log-in attempts Number of projects that accept advice technology (IT) aegis involvement Policy exceptions accepted and rejected Current deployment of antivirus software Alarms and arrangement advance attempts Number and appulse of aegis incidents Volumes of IDs created, deleted, or modified Any admission keys created or deleted Explain why you would appetite to adviser the areas you accept chosen. Indicate both the ethics you would achievement to see and the accomplishments you would booty if what you saw was not in alignment with that optimal range. Create a table with the afterward columns: Monitoring item Why it charge be monitored Optimal range Accomplishments to booty if it is not in range

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