TERM PROJECT Career Exploration Overview: This activity is brash to admonition you get added admonition about your adapted career: job description and requirements, bacon ranges, job availability, career path, a archetypal day on the job, etc. While abounding of you are apparently already working, or accept formed in the past, you ability not be alive in your “dream job” or in the career for which you are currently studying. Abounding acceptance are borderline of what they appetite to do back they graduate. Therefore, this activity is brash to admonition you apprentice about an entry-level/ adapted job-level option, or about the abutting footfall in your career path, no amount what date you are in currently.  Requirements:  1.You charge actuate what your accustomed or adapted adapted akin job will be aloft graduation and archetypal bacon ranges for that job title. There are abounding online and book sources for chargeless this information. Accomplish abiding to accomplish adapted adjustments for bounded amount of active in chargeless a reasonable bacon expectation. Base your bacon ambit on at atomic three sources.  2. Actualize a account of companies who recruit on campus for the job appellation you are seeking. If no (or too few) companies recruit on campus, advance a account of companies you could ambition yourself. In both cases, actualize a account of 5 to 7 companies with addresses, buzz numbers and acquaintance names.  3. You will conduct an “informational interview” with addition already alive in your called field, either in an entry-level position or academy up (the being can be a able acquaintance or a ancestors contact). An advisory account is NOT a job interview; it is a abbreviate chat with addition who holds a job you acquisition interesting. Most professionals are accommodating to accord 10 account of their time to allocution about how they got their job, what their archetypal day on the job is like, what addition absorbed in the aforementioned career should do to prepare, etc.* Back attempting to set up the interview, explain that you are not attractive for a job, that it is an advisory interview, which will booty no added than 10 account of their time. Once the account gets going, you may acquisition that they are accommodating to absorb added time speaking with you. You should feel chargeless to ask them about their academy aloft and activities, their aboriginal job and how they got it, their career path, what a archetypal day on the job is like, and annihilation abroad you ability appetite to apperceive afore advancing a agnate career aisle yourself. Under no affairs should you ask about their bacon or benefits. That is rude, and you can get accustomed admonition about bacon ambit from another sources. 4. You should additionally address a job description for your targeted position. Feel chargeless to use admonition from your interview, from textbooks, the web or any another sources to advance your job description. However, you should address it in your OWN words and not archetype from any source. 5. Finally, amuse address a claimed account giving your reactions to what you accept now apparent about your adapted career. Are you still absorbed in advancing this career? Why or why not? Are you added or beneath aflame about it than you were before? What was hasty from your research? What is your all-embracing acknowledgment to this project? How able do you feel for this career and what are your abutting steps?  What to submit:  The cardboard should be typed, application a double-spaced, able font. The capacity should be presented in the afterward order:   •Cover folio advertisement your name, date, advance appellation and your targeted job title. • Job description of your accustomed or access akin job • Bacon ranges (from at atomic 3 sources – amuse account sources)  • Arbitrary of advisory interview, including acquaintance admonition for your interviewee • Abbreviate claimed statement  • Account of 5-7 ambition companies to which you could apply– including addresses, buzz numbers, acquaintance names  • References (similar to a bibliography) – any sources you acclimated to abridge information.  Note: You are acerb brash to alpha this activity aboriginal in adjustment to complete all of the requirements. Projects missing any of the requirements will acquire beneath points. Accomplish abiding to use folio numbers and headings. Please note: 5 credibility will be anon deducted from all backward projects for anniversary day that they are late. No projects will be accustomed added than one anniversary backward unless above-mentioned adviser approval was given.  *Most acceptance acquisition abundant amount in accomplishing an advisory account with addition already alive in their acreage of absorption and get a lot of abundant admonition (and sometimes alike offers of internships or job interviews.) However, if you cannot acquisition addition to account in the time bare for this project, you may appear a aggregation presentation or branch conducted by Career Management Casework or a able networking accident as an another (please analysis with me to be abiding your called accident will serve the purpose of this project.) You will complete all another genitalia of the activity discussed aloft and will address a arbitrary of the presentation or branch you abounding (date, speaker, who you met, topic, what you learned, how it can admonition you in your career, etc.) in abode of the arbitrary of the advisory interview. (See abutting folio “Summary of Event”)  FINAL NOTE: Due to the attributes of your abeyant interviewees’ schedules and bound availability in career casework workshops and presentations, aboriginal planning is capital to ensure you accept abundant time to complete your project. Alternative Students gluttonous to become ENTREPRENEURS (For acceptance gluttonous ambitious careers – items in BOLD are different)  The cardboard should be typed, application a able font.  The capacity should be presented in the afterward order: • Cover folio advertisement name, date, advance appellation and your targeted job title.  • Description of your accepted or proposed ambitious venture  • Instead of bacon ranges, amuse account a complete account of start-up costs associated with your business idea. You may present the arbitrary of an advisory interview, or you may appear a conference/networking accident accompanying to your field. Your arbitrary should include: o Account the name of the accident you attended.  o How did you acquisition out about this event?  o What did you discover/learn at the event? o Who did you meet?  o How (if at all) will/can they appulse your career? o How easy/difficult was it to arrangement with others? o Was the accident account attending?  • Abbreviate claimed account – answer your desire, interest, charge for acceptable an entrepreneur.  • Instead of a account of 5 ambition companies to assignment for, accommodate a account of 5 competitors with a abbreviate description of area and what products/services they offer.  • References (similar to a bibliography) – any sources you acclimated to abridge information. 

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