Project 1

  Suppose you are a Cloud-Based Account architect assassin by the Good Foods grocery abundance to advice the abundance actuate which bell-ringer and applications will accommodated its needs. To complete this assignment, accommodate the afterward advice in a minimum of 5 pages (not counting appellation folio and references page): Describe the Good Foods company. (This description is for you to actualize and abide to body on throughout the course.) Include a abounding description of the company's purpose, mission, and vision. (Again, these are capacity you create.) Summarize the Good Foods cloud-based accretion activity as you accept it so far from the Advance Activity Overview. Review all of the afterward arch account providers from the account beneath and call their vision, services, and aloofness policies: Salesforce Google Hewlett-Packard IBM Rackspace Microsoft Amazon Indicate which vendor(s) may be a fit for the Good Foods company, based on its accepted needs, and explain why you chose that vendor. Use APA formatting appearance (title page, references page, in-text citations).

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