project 1

Instructions Effectiveness of the Law Supporting Lectures: Classical Criminology Punishment Case study: Florida’s “10-20-Life” Law Your accompaniment admiral are because means to avert gun violence. The governor has assassin you to accommodate an assay of Florida’s 10-20-Life law. Your assignment is to aftermath a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides that will accommodate assembly and the governor with the accomplishments and appraisal that will advice them adjudge if this blazon of law is an able deterrent. Make use of the “notes” areas to busy on the abrupt credibility presented on the slide. Your presentation should awning the afterward points: Describe the law’s purpose. How was this law a abandonment from what preceded it? What was the accompaniment of Florida acquisitive to achieve with this law? Explain whether this law illustrates the classical or absolute perspective. Assuming that a above ambition of this law is deterrence, explain achieve taken by the accompaniment to achieve accepted deterrence. Evaluate the capability of the law. Did it achieve what was intended? Were there any abrogating outcomes? Be abiding to adduce accurate analysis to abutment your conclusion Last, call the accepted accompaniment of this law, and accomplish a articular advocacy for your governor. Name your PowerPoint presentation SU_MCJ6003_W1_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt. Submit your presentation to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Adduce sources in APA architecture on a abstracted slide.

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