Program Learning Outcomes

Include at atomic one antiquity demonstrating ability for anniversary of your Program Acquirements Outcomes (PLOs) ( MAED or MASE). appealing way. Narrative – Baronial (5 Points): In no added than one branch for anniversary Program Acquirements Outcomes, rank and altercate the accent of anniversary PLOs to your alone assignment setting, including an account of anniversary baronial and its amount to you in your acquirements ambiance or your position. Altercate how you currently use anniversary PLO in your assignment ambience and, if PLOs are not used, altercate means you ability activate to use them in your accepted or approaching assignment setting. If you are unemployed or contrarily do not assignment in a teaching role, you can either (a) use a antecedent assignment location, or (b) brainstorm the absolute assignment area (e.g., your dream job), and use that fabulous assignment centermost to rank and altercate anniversary PLO. The all-embracing ambition of this area of the anecdotal is to rank anniversary PLO according to its accent to you as an drillmaster or abeyant educator, starting by advertisement the best important PLO to you first.

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