Professional Development Objectives

 Professional Development Objectives

In Week 1, you developed your practicum able development objectives. How accept your adventures appropriately far in the practicum contributed to your advance as assistant leader-manager or assistant informaticist? What difficulties, if any, accept you experienced, and how ability this affect the accomplishment of your objectives?

In this Discussion, you appraise your advance against accomplishing your practicum able development objectives and accede how you could enhance or adapt your activities to accomplish your aims.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on the practicum able development objectives you developed and categorical in your Practicum Able Experience Plan in Week 1.
  • Keeping in apperception the practicum activities you accept affianced in appropriately far, accede the afterward questions:
    • How accept these activities helped to advance your able development?
    • Are you annoyed with your advance against affair your objectives? If not, what will you do to ensure you accomplish them afore the end of your Practicum Experience? As a reminder, you charge complete all of your practicum hours on or afore Day 5 of Week 11.
    • What challenges or abrupt opportunities accept arisen at your practicum site? How has this afflicted your able development?
  • Think about the adventures you may accept in the accessible weeks. Do you apprehend any accurate challenges on the horizon? If so, what is your plan for acclamation those challenges?
  • Think about the time you accept spent with your Preceptor. How has this time added or afflicted your compassionate of the role and functions of the assistant leader-manager or assistant informaticist?

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