Professional and Ethical Reflection

      Professional and Ethical Reflection       Review the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Appropriate Education Professional Belief Principles and National Association of Appropriate Education Teachers (NASET) Code of Ethics.  Then appointment Voicethread: Belief and Responsibilities (Links to an alien site.).  If you are clumsy to see the video in VoiceThread, or crave bankrupt caption, amuse appearance it in YouTube: Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students (Links to an alien site.). Initial Post: After watching the video, you will actualize an antecedent acknowledgment that responds to the two acquaint altercation lath prompts beneath anon on VoiceThread.  You are able to admission this by aerial your abrasion in the centermost of the blooming ‘play’ bar until, area you will bang on the “+” sign.  For anniversary catechism you will state, accurately appliance abutment from the readings and Instructor Guidance from Week Six, your answers to the following: How does FERPA chronicle anon to the CEC and NASET accepted of belief for appropriate educators? What characteristics and behaviors will accomplish you angle out as an ethical teacher? *Please be abiding to actualize an aboriginal column on the altercation lath with your name in the accountable band and the words “See VoiceThread” in the comments section.* Guided Response: Review the posts of your classmates fabricated in VoiceThread, acknowledgment in the altercation lath beneath their antecedent post.  Choose two aeon to endorse, question, or abnegate anniversary viewpoint, citation the CEC or NASET Code of Ethics. Though two replies are the basal expectation, for added assurance and appliance of the material, you are encouraged to accommodate responses to any comments or questions others accept fabricated (including your Instructor) afore the aftermost day of the altercation period.  This will extend the chat while accouterment opportunities to authenticate your agreeable expertise, analytical thinking, and absolute assignment adventures with this topic.

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