produce a detailed report of several pages answering these questions

Using Social Blade and alternative online resources, analyze and adverse two affecting influencers. You accept two platforms.  What are they selling? What is their mission/goal? What is the absolute calculation of their video views? How abundant money do they accomplish from their Youtube videos? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? How abounding subscribers do anniversary have? Do they accomplice with brands to acquaint merch? How abounding subscribers do they boilerplate in a day? What are their account views? What are their account subscriptions? How generally do they post? Days per Week Monthly Yearly What age is their ambition audience? What gender is their ambition audience? What blazon of affairs does their ambition admirers have?   Once you’ve completed the aboriginal allotment of the assignment, amuse acknowledgment these questions.   Does alive this advice about influencers a aggregation accomplish a accommodation on which influencer to sponsor or accept advance their products?  What would appulse a company’s accommodation to accept an influencer advance its products? Do you anticipate "Cancel Culture" plays into the acceleration and abatement of influencers? Why or Why not? REQUIREMENTS: You will aftermath a abundant address of several pages answering these questions and citation your sources.

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