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1. In our opinion, we anticipate the acknowledgment about artefact activity aeon is not actually correct. It is depend on product’s characteristic. 3C artefact such as eeepc (asus’s product, netbook) accept absolutely abbreviate artefact activity cycle; Rolex watch accept been accustomed added than 200 years. So if marketers appetite to extend artefact activity cycle, they accept to do added allow on assay to apprehend chump behavior and amuse their absolutely needs and wants. When the product’s sales shows that it is on the abatement stage, marketers should acquisition the new admiration on consumers and reposition, adapt their artefact or business strategy, It is accretion cast adherence and disinterestedness to extend brands or accessories activity cycle. Consequently, the “brand” makes its artefact activity aeon prolong and advance the artefact in the market. 2. Before we alpha to reposition, we charge apperceive the ambiance situation, such as industry, competitive, and chump analysis. We use bristles armament assay to assay industry, and achieve that the antagonism is fierce. After that, we assay aggressive situation, through perceptual map we acquisition that Kimberly-Clark is P&G bigger competitor. The amount of Huggies is amid Pampers and Luvs, and with the aforementioned action of Luvs. Consumers were accommodating to pay added than Pampers to buy Huggies. Form chump analysis, we acquisition that consumers are acute to quality. Because there were abounding double-income families, consumers are allow to pay aerial amount for diapers. To achieve the cachet of bazaar share, P&G repositioned Pampers as aerial amount brand, and afflicted some business strategies. Pampers has repositioned its accessories from “providing the best adequate diapers” to “assisting mothers in bringing up children”. Therefore, it has appear up with some concepts and means to accommodated the purpose of the repositioning, such as the abstraction of Baby Date of Development, the use of step-by-step toys, the appointment of experts, and enactment of Pampers parenting network. The abstraction of Baby Date of Development is based on the babies assorted needs at assorted stages. As a result, P&G provides acceptable diapers accessories for babies, including new babies, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. With the concepts of BSOD, Pampers has added alien the step-by-step toy system. In the advance of playing, the toys action as accouchement friends. Besides alteration the products, Pampers additionally establishes Pampers Parenting Network. On the websites, some experts accept accounting able accessories on how to cast babies, how to admonition babies abound healthy, and so on. And all these accessories are acquaint on the website as references for parents. Besides, the experts additionally accommodate able responses to the problems parents accept in the action of bringing up children. (2) We anticipate that P&G can use the aforementioned way to reposition Crest’s cast angel to alter from its competitors, and let it accept allowance for progress. For instance, P&G can reposition Crest as a artefact for advantageous and admirable smile, not aloof for the purpose of cleaning. In this way, consumers can accept bigger looks and accomplish their brainy needs by application the repositioned products. 3. To apprehend consumers’ needs, P&G has a chump accord administration system. In the system, there are three key credibility of chump accord management. One is to accept consumers’ charge deeply, additional is to body chump account center, third is to amount consumers’ suggestions. To accept consumer’s charge deeply, P&G through abyss interviews, focus group, check survey, appointment shop, trace system, e-mail, and blast to attain this goal. Finally, amount consumer’s advancement is according to consumer’s acknowledgment to advance artefact continuously. For example, there are bright designs on the Pampers, because the babies’ clothes are ablaze colors in summer, the account blush can be apparent easily. Thus, P&G accept the mothers’ admonition to redesign the color. The aloft is how P&G to administer their chump relationship. Through the chump accord administration system, we can apprehend what consumers’ needs are.

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