Process Recording

  A action recording is a accounting apparatus acclimated by acreage apprenticeship acquaintance acceptance to appraise the dynamics of amusing assignment interactions in time. Action recordings can advice in developing and adorning interviewing and action skills. By conceptualizing and acclimation advancing activities with amusing assignment clients, you are able to analyze the purpose of interviews and interventions, analyze claimed and able strengths and weaknesses, and advance self-awareness. The action recording is additionally a advantageous apparatus in exploring the interpersonal dynamics and ethics operating amid you and the applicant arrangement through an assay of clarification the action acclimated in recording a session. For this Assignment, you will abide a action recording of your acreage apprenticeship adventures specific to this week. Note: You are appointment a accounting transcript, not an audio or video recording. The Assignment (2–4 pages): Provide a archetype of what happened during your acreage apprenticeship experience, including a chat of alternation with a client. Explain your estimation of what occurred in the dialogue, including amusing assignment convenance theories, and explain how it ability chronicle to assortment or cultural adequacy covered this week. Describe your reactions and/or any issues accompanying to your alternation with a applicant during your acreage education  experience. Explain how you activated amusing assignment convenance abilities back assuming the activities during your action recording.

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