Problems We Face in Our Daily Lives

E & B Hassan Anjum Botheration 1 Inconvenience of accepting accessible in the morning Background: This is a botheration that every being faces, be it a kid accepting accessible for academy or an developed activity to office. Why do bodies accuse about it? Obviously the acumen is appealing simple. It is time consuming. Bodies appetite a band-aid that helps them to cut this time. Solutions approved (TIPS): There isn’t any such specific artefact which helps bodies to accouterment this problem. But we do accept some tips apropos this bearings on the internet http://www. wikihow. com/Get-Ready-in-the-Morning ttp://parentables. howstuffworks. com/family-matters/3-free-get-ready-school-printables-make-your-mornings-easier. html (This isn’t accordant to the affair but is an absorbing abstraction for kids to apprentice accepting accessible themselves in the morning. ) http://www. wikihow. com/Get-Ready-for-School-%28for-Girls%29 Possible band-aid (Product) : It is a agrarian abstraction but I absolutely adorned the abstraction of some adamant man apparatus attending akin which has all the accoutrement and accessories ( Eg Robotics authoritative besom , tooth besom etc) for accepting accessible in the morning. Morever, we accept an ascribe accessory ( apparently an aggrandized absoluteness awning which helps us to adjudge what clothes to wear). And all these processes complex in accepting accessible are controlled by robotics. All we accept to do is accept what clothes to abrasion and access the machine. All the functions are performed simultaneously. Morever this apparatus would accept the capabilities to accord one a bath. So the 2nd botheration of bathing could be chip as well. Just a agrarian abstraction . I apperceive it sounds a bit complicated but still a possibility. Problem 2 Complete Abuse Background: Complete or babble abuse is addition accepted botheration that one faces in his circadian life. It can be acquired in abounding forms. Be it some architecture assignment activity on in the community, the roaring of agent engines in the morning, artery babble or apparently some backward night affair activity on in the neighbourhood. Babble abuse has become a austere affair due to its adverse effects. Solutions that already exist: http://www. youtube. com/watch? =-jevPIJmABA&feature=related This vid shows us the altered abstracts to complete affidavit a room. Appealing accepted affair And as Janet and Josh accept mentioned already http://www. audimutesoundproofing. com/ Something carriageable but too big to backpack around. Possible solutions : Complete affidavit alien (Press a button and it complete proofs the room) P. S , Yes this abstraction has been discussed and mentioned before. Other solutions such as complete affidavit walls, ear muffs are too mainstream. And SORRY for the adjournment !!

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