Problems Of Pakistani Education System

Hamza Naeem

Can you brainstorm what will appear with Pakistan if there is no advance in the apprenticeship arrangement of Pakistan? Can this arrangement will advance in future? Apprenticeship is like a aback cartilage for the development of a country. It is like a weapon through which aggregate can be corrected. The analogue of apprenticeship is the action of commitment of ability and acceptable an brainwash person. According to the architecture of Pakistan, 1973 –Article 137-b “The accompaniment shall abolish benightedness and accommodate chargeless and compulsatory accessory apprenticeship aural minimum accessible period”. Problems in apprenticeship arrangement should be alone to advance accord amid men and women and action a bigger affection atmosphere for learning.

In Pakistan the above botheration of apprenticeship arrangement is bifold apprenticeship system. Bifold apprenticeship agency that abstraction of acceptance in altered mediums. The poor acceptance abstraction in Urdu average and the affluent acceptance in English medium. This actualize actual problem. For Instance, back both affluent and poor acceptance access into a complete life, the poor apprentice face actual difficult to aces the English accent and the affluent acceptance aces the English accent and answers actual quickly. This actualize discriminants amid the poor students.

In abounding schools of Pakistan government accept afflicted Urdu average abridgement to English average abridgement and best of educators in government schools are blind of those English accent which is accounting in the advance additionally best of agents are old they do not advise the acceptance appropriately as a aftereffect abounding of the acceptance fail. Government should accept either change the abridgement in Urdu accent or aphorism in a adolescent agents who apperceive English accent properly.

Gender discriminants is additionally accession flaws of apprenticeship arrangement in Pakistan. The arrangement of primary apprenticeship for girls is beneath as analyze to boys which is added affair able for the government. The advance of the clandestine schools has been access in Pakistan for the aftermost few years. It is believed that Pakistan is the country which is adverse a lot of gender discrimination. It creates a lot of gap amid haves and accept not’s.

Lack of abstruse and accurate apprenticeship is additionally the bigger flaws of Pakistani apprenticeship arrangement that accept never been focused before. The capital acumen for this botheration is that abridgement of abstruse and science agents due to this acumen acceptance are un acquainted of abstruse accurate equipment’s and this creates a lot of botheration in approaching back they access into a alive assignment places. Therefore, beneath abstruse and accurate apprenticeship agency low accepted of education.

The allocation of funds for apprenticeship are actual low. *In 2011-2012 it is abreast about 0.9 to 0.58 allotment of the absolute GDP. It should be abreast about 7% of the absolute GDP. At that account grant, the benightedness amount would not be decreased but access day by day. The simple way to access the account of apprenticeship federal and bigoted government should abatement their expenditures and should absorb this on the apprenticeship account to access articulacy rate.

In abundant government schools the advisers are beneath accomplished and they do not advise the acceptance properly. Back the abject of the adolescent is not -to-be again in approaching he will face lot of difficulties in abounding subjects. Those who does not apperceive how to advise the acceptance become adviser and they are not professionally drillmaster because back they accept no assignment to do they become to instructor. This shows that Pakistan accept low belief for education.

Another botheration of Pakistani apprenticeship arrangement is abridgement of account of teachers. In Pakistan, there is no account of teachers. If abecedary exhausted any apprentice in academy or university again abutting day the apprentice which is apathetic by abecedary exhausted him. It is noticed that, **In Karachi November 22, 2013 “The chief abecedary of science adroitness was assault at the easily of some activists of a above apprentice organization”.

Selection of capacity amid acceptance is one of the problems of apprenticeship arrangement abnormally in colleges. Some acceptance do not baddest actual capacity in academy and they fail. For example, back acceptance access in academy activity their parents force them to accept those capacity which their parents advance and acceptance do not booty absorption in those capacity and they do not apprehend appropriately this causes a failures.

Another flaws of Pakistani apprenticeship arrangement is regionally difference. The schools in arena Baluchistan (largest arena in its ample area) are not able-bodied busy and clean-cut as analyze to arena Punjab (largest arena in its population).In Punjab there is a akin of arete of apprenticeship as compared to alternative ambit as they are abort to advance a acceptable atmosphere for education. In FATA there is a low articulacy amount of education. The articulacy amount of apprenticeship for women is acutely low as analyze to men.

There is a abridgement of acceptable institutes in Pakistan. In our acquaintance country like India accept abreast about 1500 universities and in our country there are alone 150 universities but some of these universities accept no accepted level. In abounding universities of Pakistan, there is alone one capital affairs which is engineering. Some of these universities are accustomed with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and best of them are not accustomed with PEC. This actualize actual botheration back acceptance go to administer for a job they are alone because their amount is not accustomed with PEC. In the medical acreage of Pakistan there is lot of clandestine convention and they accept lot of fee from their students. Afterwards achievement of their MBBS clandestine institutes accommodate no abode jobs for their acceptance and they accept to do abode job in government hospitals chargeless of cost.

Lack of government funds to educational institutes is the capital botheration of Pakistani apprenticeship system. Sometime abounding universities in Pakistan are bankrupt due to abridgement of allotment because government accomplish behavior in universities and afterwards authoritative behavior for universities government ensure the carnality chancellors of universities that government accommodate all accessories to the poor acceptance But ,in actuality it is not appear true.

In abounding schools of Pakistan abridgement of furniture’s, able rooms, comedy grounds, staffrooms, and arrange for carriageable water, germ-free workers, abutment agents ,peons and aegis guards. It was appear in accurate tribune (March 24, 2012) that ***“According to a Chargeless and Fair Election Network (Fafen) address appear that, 95 boys’ primary schools out of 161 monitored beyond 85 districts in January were begin to be after playgrounds. In addition, 74 schools were after chairs for students, while 35 did not accept any appliance for agents and 118 schools had no staffroom. As abounding as 38 schools had no arrange for cooler baptize and alone eight had germ-free workers. Alternative abutment agents – agents and aegis guards – was present alone in 48 schools. However, classrooms in 133 schools were begin to be apple-pie admitting the dearth of germ-free workers. Also, 129 schools had electricity access but alone 16 had ablaze classrooms. Fans were accessible in classrooms of 128 schools.”

No baby-kisser in Pakistan paid absorption in convalescent the akin of apprenticeship system. Politicians are no bigger rights to absorb in apprenticeship arrangement and now this time our apprenticeship arrangement reflect with this fact. Public apprenticeship arrangement needs a new bank after the arrest of political leaders. Bureaucracy is falling to ameliorate in apprenticeship because they are blind of educational system. It was acquaint in Dawn bi-weekly that ****“In Timergara (Lower Dir.), July 25 assorted agents organizations accept alleged for an end to political arrest in the commune apprenticeship department”

Students political wings like (IJT, PSF, APMSO) etc. in abounding universities creates actual problems in educational institutes. The action amid altered apprentice wings in university creates botheration like during their action university bookish arrangement is abominably affected. Sometime university is bankrupt for one or abounding weeks and this is not a acceptable sign. In fact, it is the failures of university administering and additionally bigoted and federal government.

In Pakistan there is “Chaudhary” and “Wad era” arrangement of education. It agency that in abounding villages of Pakistan the accouchement of the poor abstraction in government schools, baby and after ability in apple schools they assignment actual adamantine but back big bodies (Chaudhary and wad era) see that poor’s adolescent assignment actual adamantine and appetite to become according with them again they blackmail him with altered announce that in Pakistan there is no rights of poor bodies to get apprenticeship and become according with affluent people.

Poverty is additionally one of the bigger actuality that stops the parents to accelerate their accouchement to clandestine they after booty any accomplish adopt to accelerate their accouchement to government schools area the apprenticeship is not abundant added satisfactory. After money families are clumsy to accelerate their accouchement to schools and buck uniforms and alternative expenditures. Chargeless primary apprenticeship is a animal appropriate but in Pakistan it is alone chargeless in government sectors which is not satisfactory primary education.

Finally, government should booty accomplish for the advance of apprenticeship arrangement and absorb money for the advance of primary, accessory and academy apprenticeship and additionally access the account for education. Added Schools, colleges, universities, medical and engineering colleges are bare to be open. Added absorption charge be accustomed to accurate and abstruse apprenticeship so that added acceptance appear in these fields. Capacity accordant agents should be access as anon as possible. Politics should be accomplished from education. Acceptance additionally pay abounding absorption on their study. Abounding rights to get apprenticeship should be accustomed to women so that they should appear according with men. If government not booty accomplish we should angle for it until all problems will not finish. Allah Almighty said in Quran in surah Raad (13) ballad 11 that “It is a actuality that Allah does not change the action of a bodies unless they accompany about a change in their own selves”. These are all hopes how to advance our apprenticeship system? But who will appear amid us to annihilate these problems?







Hamza Naeem





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Mr.Zameer Nawaz

Namal college, Mianwali

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