Problems for biologist

For this problem, you will use the excel spreadsheet provided in your textbook. It is alleged “Ch13_hemoglobin.xlsx” and a articulation can begin in Integrating Question 4 of BME 13.1 pen the Excel book CH13_hemoglobin.xlsx, which contains the abstracts on oxygen assimilation of claret from Figure 13.1 and a Hill blueprint archetypal for the data. Change the ethics of k and n at the top of the area labeled “Hill equation” to acquisition the best fit to the claret data, anticipation by the affinity of the two curves in the graph. Once you accept the spreadsheet open, adapt the ethics of n and k until you acquisition the best fit of the clay abstracts to the empiric data. What ethics of n and k best archetypal the empiric data? Explain as best you can what the acceptation of n and k are. In alternative words, physically, what do n and k represent in the model? How are they affiliated to the absolute claret atom and how it works? Consider a lambda phage in which some specific alterations accept been fabricated to specific proteins. Predict, as accurately as you can, how the lysogenic/lytic about-face would behave if the afterward changes were made: a. cI protein monomers no best were able to bind to alternative cI monomers. In alternative words, cI protein cannot dimerize. b. Abettor 2 is adapted such that both cro and cI bind to this abettor best. c. cro protein can no best bind to abettor 3, but it binds commonly to the alternative operators. d. cI protein is adapted such that back it is apprenticed to abettor 2 it no best acts as a absolute transcriptional regulator for PRM. Here is an absorbing ascertainment about quorum analysis in squid: Back V. fischeri beef are genetically adapted such that they are no best able of bearing light, the host squid cuts off the comestible accumulation to these bacilli and purges them to the environment, in hopes of actuality able to accumulate altered bacilli that can bioluminesce. Why would squid appetite to do this? Would this adeptness to abolition bacilli be advantageous to the squid? How do you anticipate the squid apperceive whether or not accommodating bacilli are able to aftermath ablaze or not?

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