Problems and Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

There are abundant important challenges adverse today’s architecture industry that are affective the acceptance of new technologies such as RFID and sensors technology. Some are new to the industry, and some are centuries old. Many of these challenges are a absolute aftereffect of architecture operations, while others a aftereffect of indirect, borderline activities. Some of the architecture issues accommodate workforce considerations, safety, time constraints, and the alteration attributes of the work. Non-construction challenges that architecture industry faces that are allotment of the business mural accommodate acknowledged issues, government regulations, ecology concerns, and socio-political pressures. Additionally in accession to these challenges, the architecture industry is awful competitive, and firms charge always advance their abundance to abide competitive. At present, a abiding botheration in the architecture industry that requires burning absorption is architecture accumulation chain. The architecture accumulation alternation adjustment can be classified as a big and circuitous organisation that is difficult to manage. This is because the operations or activities complex in the architecture adjustment abide of multidiscipline groups and tasks. The abstraction of accumulation alternation administration is about managing advice and actual flows, bulb operations, and acumen through a accepted set of principles, strategies, behavior and achievement metrics throughout its adorning activity cycle. As allotment of the aback cartilage for the accumulation alternation processes, the acumen comedy a analytical role in optimizing the breeze of materials, accessories and people. The architecture acumen is one of the cogent administration factors in adjustment to announce architecture project. If abstracts which are bare in architecture activity do not accumulation in adapted abode on time, it can accomplish problems such as dabbling schedule, accretion the bulk of architecture and abbreviation productivity. The identification of material, anecdotic abstracts affective breeze in acumen and tracking abstracts area are bare for acknowledged activity administration in construction.

A address ‘Improving Architecture Logistics’ appear by the Strategic Forum for Architecture in August 2005 appear that absolutely a ample bulk of decay produced in the architecture is acquired by poor administration of abstracts commitment casework (e.g. from accumulation acumen to armpit logistics), inventory, communications and animal resources. The after-effects of poor construction-logistics are the afterward setback; about 30% of losses in all-embracing architecture cost, accidental to the bad angel of the industry, poor affection of product, added activity continuance and added risks to workers’ bloom and safety. The use of Advice Technology (IT) and acquirements from alternative industries were allotment of the advocacy and activity affairs adapted by the Strategic Forum board for bigger acumen processes. Jang et al (2003) and Rebolj et al (2008) additionally adapted that a abundant accord of convalescent the construction-logistics charge be focused on the abstracts and advice commitment in adjustment to accomplish bigger productivity, alienated delays and abbreviation waste. In adverse to accomplishment industries, which accumulation from abiding affiliation with suppliers and customers, construction-logistics accumulation chains are appreciably added difficult to administer and optimize due to assorted factors such as about-face of projects (i.e. assorted materials, methods, activity location) and abstruse complication of a project.


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Fast development in advice and advice technology (ICT) has emerged as a key disciplinarian and appropriately provided the befalling for architecture companies to be added acute appear their business action and abundance (Ahuja and Yang, 2005, Ribeiro and Lopes, 2001). The bulk of activity abstracts and advice generated during architecture periods are astronomic and amoral due to the attributes of airiness in the architecture processes. The acceptable paper-intensive adjustment of processing and appointment abstracts and advice is still actuality practised due to aerial advance basic bulk on ICT facilities, abridgement of acknowledging interoperability amid hardware-software aural organisations and ability of best architecture organisations.

Communication technology, abstracts handling, busline and warehousing are accepted as the analytical casework that serve the acumen operation processes. These accommodate casework in facilitating Just-In- Time (JIT) operation, optimising the movement of raw materials, assignment in-process and accomplished goods, optimising the busline approach and analysis and designing accessories to accommodated chump annual levels respectively.


One of the contempo ascendant issues that accept been a growing affair in the architecture industry is the role of acumen in managing the accumulation alternation (ERABUILD, 2006). Logistics, adapted or inappropriate, to a abundant admeasurement influences the ability of architecture activities with abstracts and accessories actuality capital architecture blocks of architecture projects. Amid the elements that comprise the architecture process, architecture abstracts may annual for 50-60 per cent of the absolute bulk of a activity and best anon represent activity advance (Song 2005, Song et al. 2006). Acknowledged commitment and consecutive administration of these abstracts to assorted commutual credibility area they are appropriate is an important aspect of the all-embracing activity duration.

Intensecomp (2005) appear that a amiss commitment adjustment of abstracts causes accepted ataxia on architecture sites. This ataxia is about accompanied by a charge for adventitious accessories and/or activities such as added armpit storage, assignment interruption, added handling, breakage, and loss. Agnate challenges were additionally appear by the Strategic Forum for Architecture in 2005. The address suggests that 50% of accomplished craftsmen time is spent on unskilled tasks, time that they could accept contrarily adherent to authoritative workers. A analysis by BSRIA acclaimed in this address shows that 10% of alive hours on armpit is ashen due to inefficient acumen management. The furnishings of the logistic accompanying decay appropriately aftereffect in 30% of added architecture bulk and exceeded activity duration.

Other industries depend on and are progressively convalescent ability in acumen to accomplish bland processes, programme authoritativeness and bulk predictability. Honda-UK Accomplishment Ltd (HUM) for instance has accomplished what could be one of the better Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) Radio Abundance Identification (RFID) installations in the automotive industry (Bacheldor 2006). The aggregation acclimated the technology to clue apparatus as they bisect HUM’s accumulation chain, affective from suppliers through out Europe to HUM’s accomplishment bulb in England. In the agnate way an RFID acute box developed by DHL in affiliation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation can acquaint users what it capacity are, and – with Global Positioning Arrangement (GPS) and later, Galileo – area it is located. The arrangement can analyze the box’s burden and location, as able-bodied as centralized ecology altitude (Wessel 2007).


Song, J. (2005). Tracking the Area of Abstracts on Architecture Projects, Ph.D. Diss., Graduate School, the University of Texas at Austin.

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Information technology (IT) is important in auspiciously authoritative and managing architecture projects, decidedly in acceptable advice and allocation amid participants. Advice and allocation charge be maintained to abutment ability and adequacy administration aural the adjustment of a architecture alternation or the architecture alternation network. Furthermore, amalgam able advice technologies such as claimed agenda administration (PDA), radio abundance identification (RFID) scanning and abstracts access mechanisms can advice advance the capability and accessibility of advice breeze in architecture accumulation alternation systems.

Problem statements

Project administration and ascendancy achievement can be added by enabling participants to allotment advice with anniversary other. However, two above key aspects of advice administration are advice accretion and advice communication. Advice accretion problems in a architecture activity chase from best of the abstracts and advice actuality aggregate from the architecture site, which is an addendum of the architecture chain. The capability of advice and abstracts accretion influences the advice breeze amid the appointment and the architecture site. However, on-site engineers about use accounting documents, drawings, contracts, blueprint and boutique assets for job sites. Consequently, a time and amplitude gap amid the job armpit and the appointment causes duplication of abstracts and information, abridgement of abstracts and information, and associated confusion. Restated, absolute agency of processing advice and accumulating abstracts are not alone time-consuming and expensive, but additionally accommodation activity administration achievement in advice acquisition.

Furthermore, architecture contractors commonly depend on interactions via blast or fax to acquaint with suppliers, subcontractors and designers. Consequently, affairs are frequently absent or misunderstood. Such agency of communicating advice amid sites and offices, and amid all participants, are abortive and inconvenient.

System implementation

This area illustrates the accomplishing and bore of the RFID-enabled PDAs system.

  • Inventory administration module

The Annual administration bore is an easy-access and carriageable ambiance in which on-site engineers can trace and almanac all advice on the cachet of abstracts in the barn or on the appointed commitment list. This bore enables on-site engineers to advance annual administration on architecture sites.

  • Quality and analysis module

On-site engineers can download the best abreast affection tests from the Internet, and can access analysis after-effects anon via PDA. Additionally, PDAs affectation the cipher and/or account for anniversary important basic and work. On-site engineers additionally can artifice unacceptable positions on a cartoon and accept accordant items from the lists in the PDA. The bore has the advantage that on-site engineers can enter/edit affection and analysis analysis aftereffect on the architecture armpit and all analysis annal can be announced amid the PDA and the aperture via real-time synchronization, eliminating the charge to again access the aforementioned data.

  • Progress adviser module

This bore is advised to advice managers and on-site engineers adviser the advance of the key components. Furthermore, managers, on-site engineers and activity accompanying participants can allotment the accepted advance or commitment action of these analytical works and components. The agenda administration bore provides an easy-access and carriageable ambiance in which on-site engineers can trace and almanac all advice on the cachet of apparatus delivered to the barn or on appointed for delivery.


Lung-Chuang Wang a, Yu-Cheng Lin a,*, Pao H. Lin

Dynamic adaptable RFID-based accumulation alternation ascendancy and administration arrangement in construction.

Advanced Engineering Informatics 21 (2007) 377-390

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