Start with the fractional archetypal in the book attached. Marvel Pence, CEO of Marvel’s Renovations, a custom architecture and adjustment company, is advancing affidavit for a band of acclaim appeal from his bartering banker. Among the appropriate abstracts is a abundant sales anticipation for genitalia of 2020 and 2021: Sales Labor and Raw Materials May, 2020 $75,000 $80,000 June, 2020 $115,000 $75,000 July, 2020 $145,000 $105,000 August, 2020 $125,000 $85,000 September, 2020 $120,000 $65,000 October, 2020 $95,000 $70,000 November, 2020 $75,000 $30,000 December, 2020 $55,000 $35,000 January, 2021 $45,000 N/A Estimates acquired from the acclaim and accumulating administration are as follows: collections aural the ages of sale, 20%; collections during the ages afterward the sale, 60%; collections the additional ages afterward the sale, 25%. Payments for activity and raw abstracts are about fabricated during the ages afterward the one in which these costs were incurred. Total costs for activity and raw abstracts are estimated for anniversary ages as apparent in the table. General and authoritative salaries will bulk to about $25,000 a month; charter payments beneath abiding charter affairs will be $7,000 a month; abrasion accuse will be $8,000 a month; assorted costs will be $5,000 a month; assets tax payments of $30,000 will be due in both August and December; and a advance acquittal of $95,000 on a new appointment apartment charge be paid in October. Banknote on duke on July 1 will bulk to $70,000, and a minimum banknote antithesis of $30,000 will be maintained throughout the banknote account period. a. Prepare a account banknote account for the aftermost 6 months of 2020. b. Prepare an appraisal of the appropriate costs (or balance funds)—that is, the bulk of money Marvel’s Renovations will charge to borrow (or will accept accessible to invest)—for anniversary ages during that period. c. If its barter began to pay late, this would apathetic bottomward collections and appropriately access the appropriate accommodation amount. Also, if sales alone off, this would accept an aftereffect on the appropriate accommodation amount. Perform a acuteness assay that shows the furnishings of these two factors on the best accommodation requirement. Submit your answers in an Excel and/or Word document.

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