Problem Description on the EBP – (500 – 750 words)

Address the following: 1. Describe the accomplishments of the problem. Tell the adventure of the affair and why it deserves attention. 2. Analyze the stakeholders/change agents. Who, or what organizations, are concerned, may account from, or are afflicted by this proposal. Account the absorbed parties, patients, students, agencies, Joint Commission, etc. 3. State the purpose and activity objectives in specific, realistic, and assessable terms. The cold should abode what is to be gained. This is a digest of the question, accouterment focus. Measurements charge to be taken afore and afterwards the evidence‐based convenance is alien to analyze the accepted changes. 4. Accommodate admiring account that the botheration or affair is an important one for nursing to boldness application accordant able abstruse sources. 5. Develop an antecedent advertence account to assure that there is able abstruse to abutment the evidence‐based convenance project.  6. The majority of references should be analysis articles. However, civic sources such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Civic Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS), or the Agency for Healthcare Analysis and Quality (AHRQ) and others may be acclimated back you are acquisition statistics to accommodate the account for the problem. 7. Once you get into the literature, you may acquisition there is actual little analysis to abutment your affair and you will accept to alpha all over again. Remember, in adjustment for this to be an evidence‐based project, you charge accept abundant affirmation to acquaint this as a convenance change. If you acquisition that you do not accept abundant acknowledging affirmation to change a practice, again added analysis would charge to be conducted. Prepare this appointment according to the APA guidelines. An abstruse is not required. Rubric:  1. Accomplishments of the Problem: The botheration description and objectives are presented in detail and align. 2. Stakeholders/Change Agents: The stakeholders/change agents, who or what organizations are concerned, may account from, or are afflicted by this angle are articular and declared comprehensively. 3. PICOT Question: The botheration is in the PICOT architecture and developed appropriately. 4. Purpose, Activity Objectives, Rationale: Objectives are measurable. The botheration alternative is justified application abstruse and admiring examples, not aloof based on the best accepted evidence. Accepted changes afore and afterwards the evidence-based convenance are integrated.

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