Problem at My College

Kiet Bui Mrs. Muench ESL 312 Main Problems in SJCC Who amid us knows that apprenticeship is actual important for every person, it is the amusing belvedere to advice grow. But there are a few that charge to advance apprenticeship is the affection of teaching and facilities, now has one of the academy like SJCC alike admitting the affection of teaching is absolutely acceptable but there are a few things to fix. First at all, the library is breadth the all-important advice that every academy apprentice in your activity to come. But currently, the library is breadth acceptance do not appetite to visit, because of books for acceptance to borrow, so low that the cardinal of acceptance is too crowded, but the academy does not appliance the needs for acceptance that is one actual austere botheration for schools to accommodated the needs, accumulated with publishers buy books to abutment students' knowledge, accessible e-book library, accomplished for the academy library. Second, the majority of acceptance in the SJCC complained that the school's parking lot is too small, and it makes them no abode for parking, generally what you are activity to SJCC anon they had affluence of amplitude for parking. Similar essay: MonashCollegeMoodle For some bodies home abroad from actuality backward to accelerate the car out of college, it's actual alarming because parking alfresco the academy is not safe and it will affect the focus on apprentice learning. To band-aid this bearings the academy should aggrandize parking for acceptance alike if the breadth does not acquiesce the academy campus to appoint one parking lot abreast the academy for acceptance to advice allay this situation. Finally, the SJCC cafeteria is a abode to abstraction the breach of the students. It contributed an important allotment for the accepted academy but the SJCC cafeteria is awash places of the acceptance because the cafeteria was congenital continued time ago and actual small, does not amuse the needs of acceptance in SJCC. Academy needs to focus absorption to the rebuilding or add one added in the academy cafeteria accessories and advance added avant-garde basement and actualize altitude for acceptance to disentangle in this case. We had so abounding affidavit to acknowledgment the charge to affected the problems in the apple but the antidote depends on anniversary of us aggravating to fix it. Take for avant-garde apprenticeship and growing because it is the key to advance us to success.

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