Private Blogging In Paramedic Science Education Essay


Reflection on analytic convenance and administration of allegorical ability is a foundation for which the Bachelor of Paramedic Science affairs was developed. The all-embracing ambit of the activity was to balloon Evernote as a clandestine cogitating blogging annual and additionally the befalling to accretion acquaintance (both agents and students) with appliance Evernote with a appearance of it acceptable a abeyant apparatus for absorption and appraisal on analytic placement, allegorical not alone Paramedic Science but addition analytic based bloom programs.

Ultimately this activity was about convalescent the assurance of ambit acceptance online, and animate absorption on their own allegorical knowledge. The ambit of the activity was to additionally advance determinative acknowledgment amid acceptance and the academics and assuredly to appraise the technology for annual as a clandestine blogging annual in a analytic ambience for reflection.

The educational action appear apprentice assurance is aerial on the calendar of tertiary institutions and this abstraction is one representation of how amusing media concepts can advance this engagement. The allegation of this abstraction articular that acceptance collaborate bigger with SMS accumulated with online forums aural a acquirements administration system.

Key Words


Reflective Practice

Student Engagement

Learning Administration Systems

Key Points

The use of clandestine blogging aims to advance assurance of ambit acceptance online, and animate absorption on their studies aural the course.

The use of clandestine blogging aims to advance determinative acknowledgment amid apprentice paramedics and lecturers

Evaluation of technology and the use of amusing media are aerial on the calendar of tertiary institutions

Private blogging aims to enhance analytic acumen by students.

Formative acknowledgment provided to acceptance through their own cocky assay of new concepts alien during the advance as able-bodied as self-regulated acquirements by the acceptance is important in paramedic education.


Reflection on and administration of analytic advice amidst apprentice paramedics is a convenance that has been alien beyond all paramedic specific courses on action in the Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQUniversity. The aim of the study- clandestine blogging in paramedic foundations was brash to advance the assurance of ambit apprenticeship acceptance online and animate absorption on their studies aural the course. The cold was to additionally advance determinative acknowledgment and appraise the technology for annual as a clandestine blogging annual in a analytic setting. The all-embracing ambit of the activity was to balloon Evernote as a clandestine cogitating blogging annual and additionally the befalling to accretion acquaintance (both agents and students) with appliance Evernote with a appearance of it acceptable a abeyant apparatus for absorption and appraisal on analytic placement, allegorical not alone Paramedic Science but addition analytic based medical and bloom programs on action at CQUniversity.


The abstraction commenced during appellation for a advance aural the Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQUniversity 2011. Nineteen acceptance were enrolled in the advance and had the befalling to appoint with the advance lecturer/s through set annual tutorial questions in which all acceptance were to acknowledge to through their clandestine blog acceptable assurance by students. These blogs were afresh summarised by the advance coordinator and put online through the annual appointment in Moodle. Acceptance were additionally to accede the analytic judgement aspects of the advance absorption on their analytic practices such as history demography and accommodating assessment. The addition of clandestine blogging into the advance was brash to advance determinative acknowledgment provided to acceptance through their own cocky assay of new concepts alien during the advance as able-bodied as cocky adapted acquirements by the acceptance assuming set tasks on ancestors and accompany as a way of abilities development and competency. The use of clandestine blogging was hoped to advance assurance with ambit apprenticeship acceptance and additionally to seek improvements in competent and cogitating paramedic convenance to be acclimated throughout the affairs abnormally for assignment chip learning.

Blogging to advance apprentice interaction

Prior to the admission of this abstraction the advance was offered in appellation one with about 70 acceptance enrolled. Online annual tutorials consisted of annual botheration analytic and analytic judgement questions that adapted a acknowledgment from the student. These questions ranged from botheration analytic contest to case administration contest and accepted case studies acute catechism and acknowledgment responses.

The alternation for these annual determinative tutorial sessions was low with a 12% (n= 8) acceptance per anniversary responding. The beneath table identifies the boilerplate acknowledgment bulk for all appellation 1 2011 courses and for the paramedic advance aural the Moodle acquirements administration system.

Table 1. Files, messages, clicks and discussions for 70 acceptance in appellation 1, 2011 PMSC11001 paramedic advance compared to the boilerplate for all appellation 1 2011 courses in the university.


Files uploaded



Discussion hits

Discussion posts

Discussion replies

Paramedic Course







Average all T1 2011 courses







Due to the bound bulk of altercation replies (36 adjoin 68) it was difficult to ascertain what the acceptance abstruse during the lectures. In about-face it was afresh difficult to adumbrate if what they abstruse in approach was activity to be put into convenance at their residential academy simulation chic sessions. An commodity by Wetmore et al. (2010) articular that autograph about what was learnt apparently is an able action to advance cogitating acquirements arch to the development of analytical thinking. In addition words if a apprentice finer reflects on the allegorical ability of their studies, this absorption will in about-face advance the procedural ability and abilities appliance adapted for accomplished practice. Cutting affirmation is in abutment of cogitating acquirements practices through able student-teacher alternation actuality included in analytic apprenticeship paradigms (Wetmore et al. 2010).


Data presented in this cardboard are fatigued from an basic assay conducted at the achievement of a three day residential academy for a aboriginal year baccalaureate paramedic program. The advance they abounding was Foundations of Paramedics Science which is a aboriginal year advance of the three year Bachelor of Paramedic Science program. The acceptance in the advance were ambit apprenticeship students.

The aim of the abstraction was to appraise Evernote as a blogging annual for students. The purpose of Evernote is to:

Improve assurance of ambit acceptance online, and animate absorption on their studies aural the course.

Improve determinative acknowledgment from teachers

Evaluate Evernote as a clandestine blogging annual in a analytic setting

The all-embracing ambit of the activity was to balloon Evernote as a clandestine cogitating blogging annual and additionally the befalling to accretion acquaintance (both agents and students) with appliance Evernote with a appearance to it acceptable a abeyant apparatus for absorption and appraisal on analytic placement, allegorical not alone Paramedic Science, but addition analytic based programs such as Medical Sciences and Sonography.

Evernote is a technology that assists users with organising assorted types of advice from several altered sources into one, central, web-based location. The artefact additionally allows users to blow web pages and annal them for afterwards reference, abundance awning shots, photos, audio memos and argument notes, all aural a customizable accumulator system. Evernote can adapt addendum chronologically and allotment them amid assorted users. In the ambience of this assay acceptance would allotment their addendum (blog posts) alone with their agents in the course, appropriately creating a clandestine blogging environment.

The acceptance had tutorials and on-line blog activities during which they were adapted to admission their responses and addition accordant advice into the Evernote program.   The activities were amid in their ability manuals and were articular by a ‘blog sign’. They were beside that they will be adapted to ascribe advice into ‘EVERNOTE’ which alone the advisers will see, and that this advice will be summarised and acknowledgment provided to all students.

The acceptance were initially provided footfall by footfall advice on how to admission Evernote and activate their blogging campaign.

The advisers were provided training sessions arch up to the admission of appellation and the acceptance were additionally accustomed online training videos to abetment in appliance Evernote.

The authors conducted a assay afterwards a three day residential academy in January 2012. The assay was broadcast and accustomed aback by a non-teaching agents member. The check consisted of bristles sections. Area one independent demographic advice accompanying to the participants. Area two independent questionnaires based about their ability and capabilities of blogging with area three afterward on from this and independent 13 questions with a seven-point Likert calibration anecdotic the student’s behavior about blogging in the course. The fourth area discussed the students’ activity about the blogging action and articular any addition methods for their assurance with the lecturers. The final area attempted to analyze their analytic acumen by acceptance the acceptance to reflect on absolute paramedic convenance and the use of affirmation based convenance in paramedicine and whether blogging assisted them in convalescent analytic acumen and judgement.

Data acclimated in the analyses came from a apprentice paramedic-based e assay of blogging. Abstracts calm by the check were stored on a Microsoft Admission database that resided on CQUniversity’s computer server. Assay abstracts were coded and transferred from the Admission database to an SPSS 18.0 (SPSS, 2010) statistical amalgamation software program.

Ethical approval was acquired by CQUniversity Human Ethics Committee. Ethics approval (H11/11-163) was accepted from 5 December 2011 to 30 June 2012 and was brash beneath the low accident assay process.


Eleven acceptance out of 19 (58%) completed the assay with alone 19 out of 27 acceptance accessory the residential school.

The absorbed of the blogging exercise was to appraise the student’s assurance with advice extracted from the Evernote abstracts abject through the annual tutorial sessions with questions uploaded by advisers and answers provided by the students. Unfortunately out of a abeyant 190 blogs adapted there were alone 14.1% of responses from acceptance (n =27) which did not reflect an authentic annual of assurance and was alone a two percent advance on the antecedent assurance action through the Moodle online forum.

Their assurance through blogging in Evernote was not a bookish graded appraisal which kept with the bendability in the antecedent tutorial sessions through on band forums to ascertain if blogging bigger engagement.


Demographic abstracts was aggregate for allegory only, and a abundance administration of gender, age, accomplished akin of education, accompaniment of abode and accepted employment/student cachet was undertaken. Advice is acclaimed in tables 1 and 2. Of the participants who completed this assay there was an about according assay of gender with 55 percent (n=6) female. Fifty percent were in the age accumulation of 20-29 (mean 23 years ) (range 19-37) (table 2).

Based on the ANOVA analysis, P ethics adumbrated that there is no cogent aberration amid genders and amidst age groups with attention to their thoughts on blogging (P amount beginning set at P<0.5).

Table 2 – Participants Gender













Table 3- age of participants































The additional allotment of the assay asked participants if they accept blogged before. Of the 11 respondents, alone one had antecedent blogging acquaintance and that person’s acquaintance was over 12 months antecedent to this survey. To ascertain if acceptance had apropos with blogging based on accomplished adventures of themselves or family/friends, a additional catechism asked do you apperceive of any bloggers who accept gotten in agitation with accompany or ancestors for things they acquaint on blogs? There was an cutting acknowledgment of no for this acknowledgment (n=11, 100%). The final catechism aural this area asked for a animadversion on blogging and what the participants would like to apperceive about blogging, of the responses accustomed three out of eleven (27%) participants brash that they did not adore the blogging acquaintance and accordingly did not appetite any added advice provided to them.

The third area of the check was aimed at acquisition advice about the participant’s behavior of blogging in the advance PMSC11001. They were brash there were no adapted or amiss answers and the researcher were alone absorbed in their accepted opinions about the participant’s behavior and thoughts of blogging aural the advance PMSC11001. This area was adjourned appliance a 13 item, seven-point Likert-type calibration anchored by the use of bipolar adjectives (i.e. pairs of opposites) from “Strongly agree” = 1 to “Strongly disagree” = 7.

Table 4- Check Beggarly Scores (n=11)



Standard Deviation

How assured were you that your autograph in your blog was private



How generally did you accede commodity was too claimed to blog



How generally did you attending at the log of the advisers responses

Would you booty bottom affliction with what you wrote if it was attainable to the public





How abundant did the animadversion the advisers wrote on your blog affect approaching entries



Would it bother you if the things you broadcast on our blog could be attainable to addition students

Do you accept things you broadcast on your blog affect your grading

Do you accept advisers would feel abrogating appear you based on your blog

Do you accept your aeon would feel abrogating appear you based on your blog









How did you acquisition the action of enrolling in Evernote

Did you acquisition appliance Evernote affairs attainable for your annual blog entries

Were you able to acquisition responses from your advisers calmly through the Evernote program

Were you able to broadcast your blogs calmly through Evernote









Although best acceptance did not appoint with Evernote blogging as allotment of their annual tutorial and as articular beneath acceptance did not appetite to appoint with advisers through blogging there was a hardly absolute inference about their aplomb in their blogs actuality clandestine (M = 3.18, SD = 1.47) and they articular that they would booty added affliction if they knew the blogs were attainable in the attainable area (M=3.72, SD=2.19). A majority of the respondents adumbrated a abrogating acknowledgment to their acquaintance with the Evernote blogging arrangement and abnormally if it had abrogating appulse on their grades (M=5.09, SD=1.22) and they additionally believed that advisers would anticipate adverse of them (M=5.00, SD=1.34). In affiliation to account posts and publishing blogs in Evernote, afresh the acceptance had a abrogating consequence of this suggesting that it was hardly difficult to accept in Evernote M=4.73, SD=1.49) admitting the footfall by footfall adviser offered to them. They additionally begin it hardly difficult to use (M=4.82, SD=1.33) and begin it difficult to acquisition the advisers responses (M=5.00, SD=1.61).

The fourth area asks the acceptance about their animosity appear Evernote blogging and afresh connected to ask about addition amusing media concepts for assurance with their lecturers. Acceptance were able to accord added than one acknowledgment for this answer

Table 5 – Amusing Media Concepts for Engagement

Moodle Online Forums













There were bristles responses (45%) to appliance the Moodle online forums with the majority of acceptance (90%, n=10/11) advising that assurance by the advisers was best through SMS contact. Two acceptance brash that they “liked to be contacted by SMS and afresh would attending anon at the online appointment armpit if requested to”.

Of the questions accept your blogging habits afflicted back the use of Evernote and would you blog afresh in addition course, all the respondents (100%) answered no with 27% (n=3) advising that they did not adore the acquaintance and would not like to use blogging afresh aural addition course.


CQUniversity’s ten year cardinal plan states:

‘CQUniversity will allure and absorb added students, allowance them to accomplish their educational goals behindhand of their cultural and ancestors accomplishments or their country of origin. We will action a ambit of means for acceptance to admission college apprenticeship and ability their educational potential. We will accommodate a aesthetic ambiance that promotes and supports abecedarian assurance utilizing adapted technology and infrastructure’ (CQUniversity 2012).

Despite bound assay into the ability of amusing arrangement technology in paramedic education, this pilot abstraction has articular that to accomplish the cardinal goals of the university and in authentic utilizing adapted technology, acceptance in this affairs accept articular SMS as an agreeable way of allowance them accomplish their goals. Paulus et al. (2009) articular that new technologies assists teaching and acquirements methods by accouterment a way of not stagnating the apprenticeship of acceptance through acceptable methods and now supports the student’s architecture of new knowledge. It has additionally been articular in the abstract that academics charge to accumulate beside of the abstruse changes and the needs of the accepted bearing of students. There is the abeyant for a assay amid acceptance and adroitness if they are disturbing with new technology (Liu 2010). Liu (2010) additionally articular that through the Horizon Address 2009 several challenges had arisen and ‘one of them is the growing gap in technology use amid acceptance and adroitness alike admitting technology use in academia is acceptable added and added popular’ (p. 102).

Additionally it has been articular in abstract that blogging or journaling is an able action to advance the apprenticeship of acceptance (Wetmore et al. 2010) “where educators in assorted bloom and medical accompanying programs accept implemented blogs and appear allowances for apprentice success back interacting with blogging contest and activities (p.1339). Aural this pilot abstraction it was acutely articular by all acceptance non-dependant of age or gender that blogging was not a adopted adjustment of assurance with the advisers with the alternative actuality SMS in aggregate with online forums, admitting antecedent affirmation suggesting acceptance do not appoint with online Moodle forums. This is admitting cutting affirmation articular in the cardboard appear by Ladyshewsky and Gardner (2008) area they declared that there is a growing anatomy of abstract to abutment the use of web based discussions to anatomy apprentice centred learning. They additionally articular that acceptance appear literately able for university through their ability of email, SMS and handheld accessories including iPad (Ladyshewsky and Gardner 2008).

In an online commodity by Becka(2012) it was articular that “Recent assay into how acceptance use adaptable accessories has accent how frequently they admission SMS and accordingly this aspect is acute to ensuring we appoint finer with them at key times and about key issues”. In addition commodity it was acutely articular SMS was the best technology acclimated to abutment acquirements through agreeable acceptance in determinative appraisal cold questions with feedback, as able-bodied as SMS-based collaborative acquirements tasks (Brett 2011). Affirmation that acceptance aural the Bachelor of Paramedic Science affairs at CQUniversity accept affianced with advisers through SMS is axiomatic in the advance appraisal surveys completed at the end of every term. During appellation one 2011 the advance appraisal acknowledgment was 78% with a appraisement of 4 out of a best account of 5 for the course, this was bigger in appellation three 2011 with an 89% acknowledgment bulk and a account of 4.1/5 for the evaluation. Assuredly for appellation one 2012 the acknowledgment bulk was 97% with an all-embracing achievement appraisement of 4.7/5.

Limitations and Recommendations

The respondents to this assay were not about called but were enrolled in the paramedic specific advance and provided with the befalling to balloon the Evernote arrangement as allotment of this course.

The almost baby cardinal of acceptance attainable in this pilot abstraction and the cardinal of responses fabricated it difficult to administer some statistical tests. Although the after-effects actuality were cutting adjoin blogging with abutment of SMS amusing abstraction for assurance and additionally online forums through the absolute Moodle LMS, approaching assay should utilise a beyond sample beyond all years and courses of the paramedic affairs in adjustment to accredit a added authentic assay and added absolute calculations. Although the after-effects of the assay adumbrated that acceptance overwhelmingly adopted the use of SMS, accustomed the abstruse constraints on the cardinal of characters in an SMS, it does accept limitations as a apparatus for reflection.

The educational action appear apprentice assurance is aerial on the calendar of tertiary institutions and this abstraction is one representation of how amusing media concepts can advance this engagement. Approaching assay with a qualitative basic would accredit able appraisal of student’s thoughts on amusing concepts for engagement. With the availability of assorted and ample amounts of technology, tertiary institutions should be attractive at areas of amusing concepts for assurance and alternation which are calmly accessible, are user affable and accessible by all students. In addition words accouterments and software that is in band with the abutting bearing of acceptance is recommended. A schematic of how approaching SMS affiliation into teaching and acquirements is apparent in the blueprint below.

Ask questions accompanying to lectures through SMS






Students notified of questions in LMS via SMS




Answers provided in online forum



And summarise allegation into Moodle LMS


This abstraction has provided a account of apprentice assurance techniques which are of amount and amusement for baccalaureate students. Allegation announce a bright affiliation amid SMS and online Moodle forums on convalescent apprentice assurance with these techniques actuality both admired and enjoyed by students. This assurance will acquiesce academics to added analyze perceptions of acceptance aural their courses and amount of the advance agreeable through the SMS and forums. Interactivity and alive accord seems to advance to a new acquirements and teaching behaviour. By appliance avant-garde technologies, students’ ability and assurance in advance actual can be implemented alike to ample address rooms. Administration and accommodating altered pieces of agreeable as able-bodied as advice over altered channels allows rethinking didactical approaches. Both acceptance and bookish agents will address a abundant abeyant for agreeable with ample chic sizes.

Conflicts of Interest


Ethical Approval

Ethic approval was acquired through CQUniversity’s Human Ethics Committee

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