Primary Source Assignment

Access the primary antecedent altercation and abstracts on pages 428-435 of your textbook.  These pages are alone accessible in the additional copy of the textbook.  Write an analytic article answering questions 1, 4 and 5 on folio 435.  Use the primary antecedent abstracts as sources for your answers to these questions.  Be abiding to accept answers to the questions aural your essay, not as listed numbers to the questions with the afterward answers.  In accession to answering these questions about EACH of the documents, additionally acknowledgment the bristles questions in the absorbed file, "Bones of the Past," for one of the documents.  These questions and the afterward abbreviate altercation of them in this absorbed book should advice you accept how historians use primary sources to address about the past.  Be bright about what certificate you are autograph in anniversary area of your essay.  Ask the adviser if you don't accept this.   Freedom On My Mind - Ch. 10 primary antecedent assay appointment 2.pdf This is an essay, so don't address in one continued paragraph.  Accept an anterior branch and a closing branch which sums up your paper.  The cardboard charge be at atomic 550 words.  You will not lose credibility if it is longer.  The cardboard charge be submitted as a book upload in Microsoft chat [not cut and adhesive and not as a pdf] to both turnitin and blackboard in adjustment to accept credit.  STUDY THE RUBRIC BELOW BEFORE YOU WRITE. Bones of the Past-2.pdf Your assignments will be graded on: spelling and grammar (10 points); Do not use “I” or “you” in these papers—write in the third person, as your arbiter does.  Do not accord your assessment on the affair unless it is requested in the appointment agreeable questions begin at the end of the certificate Just present an assay of the primary sources as actual documents.  These are NOT assessment papers.             anterior and closing paragraphs (8 points); Introduce to your clairvoyant the readings (and, if known, their authors) that you are discussing in your paper.  Do not accept your clairvoyant knows what you accept read.  But do accept your clairvoyant knows the questions you are answering, so there is no charge to address them out.   Do not address out the questions in your paper. In your closing paragraph, sum up what you accept presented in the anatomy of the paper. If you abide an article of one continued paragraph, you acutely cannot accept credibility for these two appropriate paragraphs--introduction and closing. length (550-750 words); afterward directions--your name, advance cardinal & date on top of aboriginal folio (4 points) spelling/grammar/word choice:  (10 points) completeness of answers to all questions for the documents--questions 1,  4, and  on folio 435 (12 points).  analysis of these abstracts as primary sources (16 points) This is area you would use Bones of the Accomplished in your answer.  How do anniversary of these primary sources advice us as acceptance of history accept the history of the lives of African Americans afore World War II?

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