Primary Source Analysis Assignment #2: Republican Women

This week's primary antecedent readings assignment in affiliation with the address about Republican women. They authenticate the means in which women, admitting the limitations generally placed on them in this time aeon (after the American Revolution) were attempting to accept some access over their own lives and the means they responded to criticism that they were intellectually inferior to men. Think alarmingly while reading.

After you accept apprehend and accept the antecedent you will again compose a acknowledgment to the afterward questions. Be sure to adduce the folio numbers (or sections) of the source in departure (MLA in argument citation) anniversary time you accredit to account that appear anon from the source, or if you use chat for chat phrases from the source. Your acknowledgment should be in your own words.  You can upload your responses in a chat file, OR you can cut & adhesive your acknowledgment in the argument access box below.

Primary Analysis Questions (Copy & Adhesive the questions into a new book or the argument access box):

“Equality of the Sexes,”by Judith Sargent Murray (1790)

1.     What activities are women accepted to absorb themselves with? How does Murray appearance these tasks? What appulse do they accept on women and accepted perceptions of women? Explain.

2.     According to Murray do women accept the appropriate to the aforementioned apprenticeship as men? Why or why not?

3.     What affidavit does Murray accord to altercate that women are according to men?

“One Woman’s Quest to Provide College Apprenticeship for Women.”

1.     What was the primary ambition of aboriginal changeable apprenticeship at girls’ academies and schools? What blazon of apprenticeship did they accept and why did abounding abhorrence college apprenticeship for women?

2.     In the 19th century what prevented best alive or accomplished women from advancing careers?

3.     How did women like Emma Hart Willard transform ides about college apprenticeship for women? In what means did she accord with abrogating attitudes apropos changeable education?

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