2 things to write. 2 abstracts called attached. ASAP 1.You've done some prewriting.  Now it's time to alpha cerebration about apriorism statements. As the The Norton Field Guide explains, a apriorism is the aloft affirmation that your cardboard makes. It establishes the capital abstraction you'll advance and "prove" in the blow of your paper. A apriorism is an absolute account that's about (but not always) placed in the aperture branch or two of an bookish paper. Here are some sample apriorism statements accounting by aloft acceptance for the aforementioned affectionate of appointment you're alive on: As Kilbourne suggests, women are generally relegated to the role of faceless article or "trophy" in magazines, and my two advertisements acknowledge this abstraction through their exact and beheld content. The two images below, one for Hugo Boss cologne and one for Michael Kors cologne, allegorize Kilbourne’s affirmation that men and women are generally portrayed in acutely different—and ultimately harmful—ways in abreast advertising. The two images from PETA beneath allegorize Kilbourne's abstracts that abreast media tends to oversexualize and actualize women and authority them to absurd adorableness standards. The cine posters beneath allegorize Katz's key claim about how media images articulation adulthood with violence. Notice that anniversary of these statements focuses on an assertion (also accepted as a claim) that has to do with how bodies are portrayed in media images (our focus for our assignment!).  Anniversary of the statements additionally relates aback to the lens argument (Kilbourne's video or Katz's video) in some way, alike if the lens text isn't anon mentioned in the statement. And apprehension that anniversary of these apriorism statements makes a claim only about the writer's specific images.  This is important because you can't possibly accomplish claims for all media images anytime produced; you can accomplish claims about your specific images only. Now address out a few attempts at a thesis.  Look aback at all your prewriting, and anticipate about the capital affirmation you'd like to accomplish about your images.  Then alpha aggravating out some account for accessible apriorism statements.  Usually, it takes several "tries" to get a apriorism that will assignment for your paper! 2.  Let's move on to cerebration about how to adapt all the acceptable absolute you've generated so far. In the simplest terms, your cardboard should apparently accept three capital sections--an intro, a body, and a conclusion.  Typically, for a adequately abbreviate cardboard like the one you'll be writing, your addition will be aloof one branch (or maybe two), and your cessation will be aloof one paragraph.  The anatomy section, however, will abide of assorted paragraphs.  There's no set cardinal of paragraphs for the anatomy section--you'll aloof charge about abounding you'll charge in adjustment to absolutely advance your ideas! Below are two sample generic (very generic!) outlines that could assignment for the affectionate of cardboard you're autograph for Project #2.  Of course, these aren't the alone accessible outlines you could use--see the breeze archive in the "Analyzing Texts" chapter of the Norton Field Guide for added ideas. And maybe you'll abuse things to appear up with an another anatomy that works for you! Sample outline #1: Intro: Attention-getting openingStatement of thesisBody: Description of angel 1Description of angel 2Analysis of angel 1 (illustrating account in thesis; applying Kilbourne's and/or Katz's ideas)Analysis of angel 2 (illustrating account in thesis; applying Kilbourne's and/or Katz's ideas)Conclusion: Final animadversion on images' acceptation and cultural importance Sample outline #2: Intro: Attention-getting openingStatement of thesisBody: Description of angel 1Analysis of angel 1 (illustrating account in thesis; applying Kilbourne's or Katz's ideas)Description of angel 2Analysis of angel 2 (illustrating account in thesis; applying Kilbourne's or Katz's ideas)Conclusion: Final animadversion on ads' meaning and cultural importance Now try to actualize an outline or some alternative written/visual plan for YOUR paper.  You may chase the all-encompassing outlines accustomed above, if you want, but you charge be MUCH added specific in agreement of the details.  For instance: admit your absolute apriorism into the outline; acknowledgment what capacity you'll call for anniversary image; acknowledgment what account from Kilbourne or Katz you'll altercate in your analysis; etc.   If you want, you can actualize a web or array to represent your all-embracing plan -- but be abiding to accommodate the capacity mentioned aloft (thesis, account about what you'll altercate in your analysis, etc.).  Most importantly, bethink to accede your articulate situation:  What is your purpose in writing--what are you aggravating to achieve? Who is your audience? How familiar will they be with your images? With your lens text? How abundant detail will you need to provide? How can you guide your readers through your writing?

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