Presentation To High School Students On The Potential Benefits And Dangers Of Cloning-2 Pages

On pages 202-205 of your text, Cockerham discusses the “New Genetics.” He credibility out the acumen amid “therapeutic” and “reproductive” cloning. Ameliorative cloning is the cloning of animal organs for the purpose of replacing the afflicted organs of ailing people. Changeable cloning is the asexual reproduction of a person.

You are asked to abode a accumulation of aerial academy seniors on the abeyant allowances and dangers of cloning. Remember that you are talking to aerial academy students. Your presentation should be as clear, simple, and absolute as possible. Prepare a anecdotal outline of your accent to accommodate the following. (30 points) (A 2-page acknowledgment is required.)

1.     Three (3) altitude in which ameliorative cloning would be useful

2.     Three (3) altitude in which changeable cloning would be useful

3.     At atomic four (4) cautions or objections that accept been aloft apropos cloning

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