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Checklist for Clearing Activity and Presentation *I charge this completed by Wednesday Afternoon the latest. I accept additionally absorbed some sources that I accept begin online**  1. 30 annotated slides minimum 2.  YOU charge accept FIVE primary sources, FIVE accessory sources, NO added than TWO internet sources. 3. Origins and history abaft the clearing group 4. Its area and concrete ambience of area the clearing comes from and go to 5. Important abstracts and statistics apropos the brief group 6. Those things that accomplish the clearing unique 7. Problems created by the migration 8. Impact on the ambiance and the association that the clearing goes to 9. Why did you accept this brief group? 10.  What was a new ambit of this clearing did you ascertain while accomplishing the project? Proposal for presentation :  Intercontinental Clearing within Africa  Urbanization has been one of the defining issues for the world. It is clearing that is an important aspect in agreement of burghal growth. When clearing of Africans is actuality discussed, it is generally beheld that Africans mainly drift out of their home country because there is annihilation there for them. This is accompanying to the appearance of Africa as a 3rd apple country after any advances against urbanization. But, the aggregate of African clearing occurs aural the continent. With this presentation, I would like to focus on West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa intra bounded clearing and movements. Above destination countries aural Africa are Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cote d'Ivoire. Under the push-pull models, Africans are pushed out of their home country because of poverty, unemployment and, disasters to name a few. They are pulled appear above destination cities because of opportunity, stability, safety, and freedom.  This affair is acutely absorbing to me because I would like to accept Africa not as a country that does not accept abundant but rather as a country that produces opportunities aural the continent. Africa has fabricated several strides appear urbanization admitting what others may think. I would adulation to present Africa and it's clearing patterns in a altered light. I appetite to present it to the chic so that they can additionally accept a bigger understanding. I about approach appear Africa because actuality African American I generally chase for advice to bigger accept area I appear from. This presentation affair will do aloof that for me. I can analysis advice that is altered than what is usually accomplished in school. 

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