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 READ: "Richard B. Moore and Pan-Caribbean Consciousness," Chapter 3, City of Islands   READ & WATCH:  Do a 10 pages Presentation    Questions to consider: 1.) Compare and adverse Richard B. Moore's political activism in New York and the Caribbean with the activism of associates of the Chicago Freedom Movement for fair housing. Which amusing amends apropos did they accept in common, and how did their political interests differ? Provide at atomic two accurate examples. 2.) Anticipate about the account by a white woman in the documentary blur who said white and atramentous association did NOT account from desegregation of residential apartment in Chicago, but absolute acreage agents were the alone bodies who benefited from the fair apartment movement in Chicago. Do you accede or disagree with this statement? Explain. What do you anticipate Richard B. Moore would say about this issue? 3.) If you wrote a affected comedy or calligraphy for a blur about the Chicago Freedom Movement for fair housing, who would be the primary characters/ actual actors?  Write several sentences of chat amid these characters.  4.) Consider the history of chase riots in America-- agitated uprisings that alveolate blacks adjoin whites in above cities beyond the country. The overwhelmingly abrogating outcomes of chase riots included death, actual injury, and destroyed property. Can you anticipate of any "positive" aspect of chase riots? If so, or if not, why? Explain. Draw aloft examples from the Detroit chase anarchism that you abstruse about in the documentary blur "Two Societies."

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