Presentation Alternatives

  Purpose of Assignment In this assignment, you will analysis another applications to Microsoft® PowerPoint® and convenance application PowerPoint® to present those alternatives and accomplish a recommendation. You may analysis applications by developers another than Microsoft if you desire. Assignment Steps   Research the two another presentation applications that you chose and compare them to the appearance and functionality of Microsoft® PowerPoint®.  Note: There are several another presentation applications besides Microsoft® PowerPoint®, including Sway®. It does not, however, accept to be a Microsoft® application. Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation that includes the following: A appellation page A advertence page A accelerate affair and a template Animations application the timing feature Slide transitions A account or an image Word art A recorded audio on one of the slides Use speaker addendum to aggrandize account above the accelerate ammo credibility and include research acknowledging your comparisons.  Submit a Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation book (PPTX). Cite a minimum of 4 sources, formatted according to APA guidelines.

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