Finally, you are accustomed the befalling to appearance your aeon what you accept been up to this term! Be abiding to accomplish the best of this admired feedback. For the final advance project, you will be creating a grant-proposal cardboard to defended allotment for your proposed action-research project. In the antecedent assignments, you accept been alive on tasks accompanying to the final advance project. In M1: Assignment 3 (attached), you articular an breadth of accent for your action-research activity and explained its scope. In M2: Assignment 2 (attached), you created a abundant abstraction map of the association that you are researching. To abide advancing for the final advance project, do the following: Submit a abstract of your presentation.  Present a two-paragraph self-assessment forth with the abstract of your presentation. For the self-assessment, do the following: In the aboriginal paragraph, explain area you feel the backbone of your presentation lies. In the added paragraph, outline aspects with which you ability crave added acknowledgment and assistance. Post the abstract of your presentation and self-assessment to the Discussion Area. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources.

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