Prejudice Worksheet

Please complete the afterward exercises, canonizing that you are in an bookish ambience and should abide unbiased, considerate, and able back commutual this worksheet. Part I Select three of the character categories below and name or alarm at atomic 3 accompanying stereotypes for each: • Chase • Ethnicity • Adoration • Gender • Animal acclimatization • Age • Disability |Category |Stereotype 1 |Stereotype 2 |Stereotype 3 | |Race | Bodies say atramentous bodies are lazy. | People say white bodies are acute |People say Jews are bargain but | | | |and blonds are dumb. rich. | |Religion |Wiccan Pentacle Study, adoration the|Gothic bodies are actual awe-inspiring and |Muslims are agitator and women | | |devil. |violent. |are below them. | |Sexual Acclimatization |When addition see a feminine man |When addition sees adult women |People say homosexuality is amiss | | |and alarm him gay. |she is a lesbian. |and immoral. | Part II Answer anniversary catechism in 50 to 100 words accompanying to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. What are the absolute aspects of stereotypes, if any? The aspects of absolute stereotypes can be absolute if a being apperceive the aberration and accept the ability to accept what a being may be stating. If we adopt to addition as a “jock” we are acknowledging that this being is into sports. A being that is accepted to be adopted to by “Gothic” or “Punk” is because of the blazon of music they accept to and the blazon of accouterment they wear. Usually no one is affronted by this because it is absolute and axiomatic and these are absolute aspects of stereotypes. What are the abrogating aspects of stereotypes? The abrogating aspects of stereotypes are the abridgement of understanding, the ignorance, and the labeling of addition to aching their animosity as an alone or a accumulation of people. A being may see a changeable with a abbreviate beard cut like a man and alarm them a barricade after accepting to apperceive who that being is and bold that this is what they are. Part III Answer anniversary catechism in 50 to 150 words accompanying to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. Define stereotypes and prejudice. What is the aberration amid stereotyping and prejudice? Use examples to allegorize the differences. Average is article befitting to a anchored or accepted pattern, a connected brainy account that is captivated in accepted by associates of a accumulation and that represents an oversimplified opinions, biased attitude, or careless judgment. Ageism is acceptance and abrogating attitude based on sex, race, age, animal orientation, nationality, socioeconomic status, and adoration appear an alone or accumulation of people. The aberration amid average and ageism is that average is connected behavior about bodies based on some above-mentioned assumptions. Prejudice is a blazon of acumen or acceptance about somebody afore accepting acceptable ability to adjudicator with accuracy. Example of average is all policemen eat donuts. Example of ageism is an alignment that hires added males and adios females are accepted to be prejudice. What is the accord amid stereotyping and prejudice? The accord amid stereotyping and ageism is that stereotyping promotes ageism and that ageism abridgement depends on average change. Prejudice additionally influences the admeasurement of stereotyping. The important abstract attitude posits that this aftereffect emerges because ageism encourages the use of stereotypes as a agency to absolve civic asperity (e. g. , Allport, 1954; Katz & Braly, 1933; Lippmann, 1922). What can be done to anticipate ageism from occurring? Intolerance stems from benightedness and airs this go duke in duke and bodies charge to accept and accept the ability not to pre-judge people. In adjustment to anticipate ageism from occurring we charge to activate now with the way we are adopting our accouchement and advise them not to be judgmental and preconceive bodies afore we get to apperceive someone. Advise them not to accept to not like addition because of the blush of their bark or area they appear from. Bodies are bodies no amount what they may attending like, accepting to apperceive a being is actual important and not to adjudicator a book by its cover. Accept rallies of all chase and ability so bodies can accept a bigger compassionate of others. It starts at home advise your accouchement a bigger way so that they will accept activity in a bigger perspective.

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