Prejudice And Discrimination On Ex Offenders Criminology Essay

After abrogation the concrete incarceration, ex-offenders acquisition themselves entering into the “second prison”, area they accept to breach bottomward the airy walls formed by the amusing stigma, the abhorrence and disbelief from the association (Youth Reloaded, 2005). Because mindset and attitudes are difficult to change, they generally acquisition difficulties in amalgam aback to the society. If the bearings does not improve, asperity will abide to abide in the society. We should again apparatus businesslike solutions to allay the bigotry adjoin them.

Section II – The Issues and Who Are Involved

Ex-offenders are those who accept accomplished confined their bastille appellation or those with a bent almanac or history (Guralnik, 1970). Every year in Singapore, about 11,000 ex-convicts are appear aback to the association (Singapore Bastille Service). The application statistics is one of the key indicators on the adeptness of these ex-offenders to adjust auspiciously in the society. Industrial & Services Co-Operative Association (ISCOS) has helped 3,000 ex-offenders to acquisition jobs so far (938Live, 2010). 81 percent of those who got a job backward on for 3 months (Singapore Corporation of Antidotal Enterprises,2008). In this essay, I seek to altercate on the causes, implications, and adduce solutions on bigotry adjoin ex-offenders.

Support programmes such as the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) and organisations such as SCORE abide and it is important that we appraise the capability of these organisations in allowance ex-offenders to adjust into the society. In my opinion, isolating alternative effects, the re-integration amount will accordingly serves as an adumbration of the akin of bigotry adjoin these ex-offenders.

The little alternation amid the accessible and ex-inmates is a aftereffect of activity of diff treatments and stereotyping. The accessible treats ex-offenders unfairly as they feel that they should atone for their wrongdoing. Ex-offenders themselves are additionally acquainted of the ageism adjoin them. Some accommodated this to their fate and concluded up abstain aperture up to the society. It is accordingly important that we admit the actuality of such issues and accession acquaintance to abate the amount of bigotry and to abetment these ex-offenders.

Firstly, best of the offenders accept tattoos on their body, which signifies status, adeptness and acceptance to a assertive group. Because of stereotyping, we tend to accumulation those who accept tattoos as those who accept committed crimes. Out of abhorrence and apropos of actuality associated with these people, we reacted by continuing far away. What we bootless to recognise is that how we adapt the advice we acquired affects our judgement. These tattoos could accept been due to a moment of absurdity during their boyish stage.

On an organisational level, some administration are still abashed to appoint ex-offenders, because they accept that ‘leopards can never change its spots’. It is auspicious to see the cardinal of ex-offenders actuality alive accept added with the years but we cannot agreement that they accept been accustomed according rights as the others. For example, at atomic 30 advisers at the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa had to leave their job because all of them bootless the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA)’s accomplishments checks. Failure to accede was taken to appraise the applicant’s “integrity, bluntness and character” (Lim & Lim, 2010). There is no aberration on whether if those with bent annal declared or not, they still had their affairs concluded anyway. Does the bent history necessarily the best and alone predictors for approaching performance? Do we adjudicator those accept continuously erred and adjudge that they do not deserve the adventitious to repent?

In addition, job applicants are appropriate to accede that if they accept been bedevilled in a cloister in any country before. Because this is usually a crack question, ex-offenders’ applications can be filtered out after because the calmness of the offences or alike the backsliding amount of the blackmailer (Youth Reloaded, 2005). This may accommodate an befalling for administration to awning out ex-offenders and absolve if there any inappropriate acts in the aggregation in approaching (Coble-Krings,2007).Being desperate, these applicants may lie about their accomplishments and will be apparent bottomward added for dishonesty.

Moving up to legislation, the Registration to Criminals Act was adapted in 2005, to acquiesce the ex-offenders to mark their annal as spent, acceptation that there is no charge to altercate the actuality of the annal in best cases, if the offences committed are accessory and they were crime-free for bristles years (Attorney-General’s Chambers, 2005). This agency that those with austere offences such as sentences imposed accommodate imprisonment appellation of added than 3 months or a accomplished beyond $200,000, are not accustomed to do so, thus, the accomplishing of the action is arbitrary as it deprives those with a austere answerability a adventitious to alpha anew.

Comparing with United States, the treatments of ex-offenders in Singapore are, in my opinion, abundant better. In the United States, the ex-offenders were not accustomed to administer for application licenses or assignment in organisations ambidextrous with those that needs added attention, such as aged and accouchement (Love, 2006).

Section III – Why is it important for us to allocution about it?

The association plays a cogent role in the reintegration of the ex-offenders. Ex-offenders, no amount what mistakes they made, are still allotment of us and are assets to the society. However, admitting their alertness to alpha to from arena zero, we avoid abroad and discriminate them. High unemployment is affiliated to access in amount of backsliding (Finn, 1998).Therefore, aback they are clumsy to defended a job, the aisle of backsliding seems easier and they will backslide aback to their old agency to survive. This charcoal chancy although the backsliding amount in Singapore has remained at 25 % back 2006 (Singapore Bastille Service, 2009).

Section IV – Area can we alpha to fix the problem?

No abiding antecedent of assets agency ex-offenders and their families may not be able to allow basal aliment for adaptation and cannot move abroad from their amusing class. Those families that grew atrocious may resort to crimes to get what they wanted. Thus, it is difficult for ex-offenders to alive a bigger activity aback they are not accustomed the aforementioned opportunities. The abandoned aeon continues as their approaching ancestors may chase the footsteps of the earlier generations.

To abate and alike annihilate the stereotypes, ageism and bigotry adjoin these ex-offenders, it is important that we acquisition out the base causes of this affair and apparatus assorted programmes and activities to animate alive accord as added alternation may advance the angle of the accessible appear ex-offenders.

To activate with, organizations should adapt added activities to accommodate both the accessible and ex-offenders an befalling to interact. Such activities may be appointment to the prisons and / or center houses, alfresco and calm activities, association account projects or even, animate ex-offenders to participate in absolute contest such as Yellow Ribbon Bastille Run. Through interaction, we advance bonds and assurance and these may change the angle of the accessible appear them and accordingly abate the admeasurement of discrimination.

Many ex-offenders accept low self-esteem and are abashed of rejection. Therefore, we should absorb the ex-offenders in the planning and active of contest in the community. These contest accommodate an befalling for the ex- inmates to advertise their talents in assorted areas. Also, besides the abstruse abilities acquired from the abutment programmes, the programmes should additionally focus on bendable abilities such as interpersonal skills. These ex-convicts should additionally apprentice added about resume autograph and account skills, as these will advice them to bazaar themselves well.


As mentioned above, administration generally do not appetite to accord ex-offenders a additional chance. Non-acceptance has dead the alone achievement that these ex-offenders accept to adjust into the society. Currently, we accept campaigns such as “Help To Unlock The Additional Prison” (Yellow Ribbon Project), which focuses on the role that association plays. However, I feel that the campaigns should additionally focus on the adeptness and abilities that these ex-offenders accept to contribute. We accept job seminars from SCORE and ISCOS, but to enhance the accessible aplomb in them, we can accede allied with companies to accommodate these ex-offenders capricious jobs as probationers (Fahey, Roberts & Engel, 2006) to alpha them off for several years so that they accept accordant alive experience, instead of alone abilities accepting in the antidotal programmes. After the alteration period, these organizations can additionally advice to acclaim the advisers to alternative companies.

We should added advance on the account catechism so that it allows the ex-offender to accede that they accept bedevilled for which offences and additionally the year of conviction. Aggregation can now adjudge if these offences are adverse to the interests of the stakeholders. The aggregation will ache the heaviest losses if the ex-offenders account any troubles. Also, the job applicants accretion from this as the administration are practising careful screening rather than a absolute elimination. There are additionally calls to ban the acknowledgment box so that accomplished bent almanac will not affect employment. (Henry & Jacobs, 2007). However, I feel that the administration are appropriate to assure their interests and the ex-offenders should be honest and argue the administration on their efforts to break out of crime.

I accede that the alteration to the Registration of Criminals Act is a acceptable move to redress discrimination. However, I feel that this should be fabricated applicative to all ex-offenders, application the bristles years crime-free period, but instead of disqualifying austere offenders, their time-frame could be continued up to 10 years.

If the solutions proposed aloft are actuality implemented on a abiding basis, the mindset of the accessible may change and be added accepting appear ex-offenders and the Singapore will move appear as a accelerating association as a whole.

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