Pregnant Women

  Please acknowledgment the afterward questions application at charter 3 paragraphs: One of the best important capacity that I appetite  you to accede as you go through this advance is the actuality that there is  rarely a simple account for someone's behavior. Bronfenbrenner's  theory of development provides an accomplished archetypal for because all of  the altered types of variables that can appulse our lives. We are  affected by claimed variables (such as gender, appearance,  intelligence, personality, etc.), our actual environments (such as  school or work), and the broader ambience (culture, government policies,  etc.). Your assignment for this altercation catechism is to accomplish at atomic  2-3 explanations as to why so abounding abundant women in the United States  do not get able prenatal care. For anniversary explanation, explain which  level(s) of Bronfenbrenner's approach are applicable.   Does society's absorption in attention fetuses  justify arrogant and/or castigating measures adjoin abundant women who  use alcohol, nicotine, or alternative drugs? If no, again why not? If yes, what  form should such measures take? What ability be some of the abeyant  drawbacks or adventitious after-effects that ability appear if we were to  enact such penalties or sanctions? 

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