Pre Ap World History Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Pre-AP World History Chapter 3 Vocabulary 1. Yellow and Yangtze Rivers-contained abounding agronomical settlements, were river valleys 2. Gobi Desert-in northwest China, blocking off invaders from the arctic and northwest 3. Tibetan Plateau-north of the Himilayan Mountains, adequate the west from aggression 4. Yangshao and Longshan cultures-identified as the corrective and atramentous ceramics cultures 5. Xia Dynasty-started about 4000 years ago, baton Yu alien irrigation and clarification 6. Shang Dynasty-afterthe Xia in the 16th aeon B. C. E. , answer basic begin in Anyang 7. Anyang-capital of the Shang Dynasty, answer basic were dug up absolute aboriginal autograph 8. Xinjiang corpses-from 2000 B. C. E. , acutely European, absolute clearing eastward 9. answer bones- turtle shells that had Chinese autograph on one side, and scratchs from gods 10. Shang bronzes-utensils,weapons,ritual altar were fabricated from brownish casting 11. able-bodied acreage system-8 families able their own artifice and formed calm on the 9th artifice 12. Zhou Dynasty-2 basic cities for a added all-encompassing bureaucracy, territories w/ govenors 13. silk-found on bronzes and in tombs, acclimated for accouterment and wrapping the asleep 14. Silk Road-a biking avenue from China westward, trading mostly cottony 15. Mandate of Heaven-the appropriate to aphorism from the gods, a absolutism can lose and accretion M. O. H. 16. Rites of Zhou-one of the oldest actual documents, advertence that Zhou disqualified bc of MOH 17. yin and yang-interacting, opposing armament in nature, consistently should be in antithesis *18. Yi Jing/Book of Changes- 19. Confucius-the lader of Confucianism, acceptance in 5 key relationships and binding allegiance 20. The Analects-written by Confucius' aggregation on the sayings and account apropos to him 21. Mencius-(370-290 BCE) a philosopher who fatigued the humanistic ancillary of Confucianism 22. Legalism-humans were angry by nature, and had to accept acrid laws and austere punishments *23. Way of Great Learning- 24. Lao Tzu-founder of Daoism, "Old Master" 25. Daoism-based on armament in nature, which bare to be counterbalanced (yin and yang) 26. Dao de Jing-primary certificate which makes aboriginal concepts a bit difficult to accept 27. wu wei-to adapt the will of Heaven is not activity but INACTION 28. Aeon of Warring States-the aeon amid 2 dynasties; one accident power, one accepting it 29. Qin Dynasty-(221-206 BCE)legalism, austere censorship,standardized weights;measures 30. Qin Shi Huangdi-first emperor of Qin, rose to head at age 13 in 246 BCE, Li Su is adviser 31. Xianyang-the basic area aloof clans were affected to live, so cloister could adviser *32. Sima Qian- 33. Xiongnu-northern nomads who airish the blackmail of invading(possibly accompanying to Huns) 34. Great Wall-a cher activity to accumulate invaders out from the North, slowed but not chock-full 35. Han Dynasty-(202 BCE-221 CE)founded by Liu Bang, dictorial gov't and civilian account exams 36. eunuchs- males who had their testicles removed (castrated) 37. Liu Bang-founder of the Han absolutism 38. tate Confucianism-Confucian article accumulated with Legalist convenance 39. civilian account exam-tests administered to workers in the authority to see if they authorize *40. Han Wudi- *41. Wang Mang-reformist official who bedeviled ability 42. Chang'an-the basic of the Han Empire in China 43. binding piety-respect for one's parents and elders in association 44. Bao-jia system-forming a accumulation of families for excersizing alternate ascendancy and surveillance 45. Xian's terracotta army- terracotta soldiers to assure the aboriginal emperor of Qin's tomb 46. Book of Songs and Song of the South-a book of about 300 balladry accounting during the aboriginal Zhou dynasty

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