Practicum: Apply Change Theory To The Proposed Change

Practicum: Administer Change Approach to the Proposed Change

In anniversary one, you formulated some antecedent account about a Practicum Change Project. You discussed accessible change projects with your administrator and articular a activity for your practicum.

This anniversary has presented advice on change, change management, and how an organization’s mission, vision, and ethics are reflected in its cardinal plan. Using the advice presented in the resources, complete the afterward two activities with the advice of your instructor.

Your adviser has assigned you to administer change approach to the proposed change. Check for bendability amid the proposed change and the mission/vision/values/strategic plan for the agency. Read added about change approach in your textbook.

Please abode the following:

  • Which change approach will you use as a framework for your change activity and why?
  • Is there bendability amid the proposed change and the mission, vision, and ethics of the agency?
    • If so, describe.
    • If not, how will you abode the inconsistencies?

Support your acknowledgment with references from the able nursing literature.

Post your responses to the Discussion based on the advance requirements. Your antecedent postings charge be added than 350 words (not including the abounding references). Keep your responses succinct. Your accounting assignments charge chase APA guidelines. Be abiding to abutment your assignment with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources. Other bookish sources may additionally be acclimated to abutment your work. Refer to the APA Publication Manual to ensure that your in-text citations and advertence account are correct.

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