Practicing a Virtue

 Readings:Franklin, B., Autobiography: (Links to an alien site.) (Links to an alien site.) Peterson, C., & Seligman, M. E. P. (2004).  Character strengths and virtues: A handbook and classification.New York: Oxford University Press and Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Forward (Links to an alien site.)   Watch:Johnson, B., How to ascertain and use your signature strengthsHow to ascertain and use your signature strengths (Links to an alien site.) Six Ted Talks on Virtues: (Links to an alien site.)  Take the afterward on-line analysis on values:Seligman, M. E. P., Values in activity convention on appearance strengths survey (Links to an alien site.) Instructions: Select a advantage that you would like to absorb into your character.  You are wrapping up a acknowledgment account and absorption as allotment of this course.  It is one of the big three virtues associated with happiness.  The alternative two are absolution and humility.  Many of my acceptance adjudge to appointment on patience. One of my aerial academy acceptance formed on truthfulness.  She wrote in her absorption that she bare to advance a bigger anamnesis or apple-pie up her act.  She couldn’t bethink what lie she had told to which person. You charge to accomplish a minimum of three log entries per anniversary for the continuance of this assignment.  This will alter on the division but is two to four weeks long.  At the end of the acquaintance you will abide your log entries and reflection.  Examine the arrangement articulation that follows.  Look at the absolute document.  You will acquisition some antecedent advice to ample out, your absorption arrangement and log access templates.  You will abide all of it at the cessation of this assignment.

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