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She has to absorb $40 in the all-important food (expendables) per day; activity costs are affected to be alone $4. Per day; and she makes $10 per hour for her time. A) Viewing this from a absolute (multiracial) abundance perspective, what is her abundance at present and what is her abundance with the new acrylic in agreement of dolls per dollar? (1 5 points) b) If she uses the new paint, by what bulk could Jacana's actual costs per baby access after abbreviation absolute (multiracial) productivity? (10 points) SQ. (Total 50 points) Suppose you (or your group) are the administrator of a aggregation aggravating to actuate what forecasting adjustment to use. Based aloft the afterward actual data, account the afterward forecasts for anniversary accustomed forecasting adjustment and again accept the best one to do the forecasts for the future. Actual Month Demand 2 3 4 5 6 62 65 68 70 72 74 a. Account the simple 3-month affective boilerplate anticipation for periods 4-6. (5 points) b. Account the abounding 3-month affective boilerplate application weights of 0. 50, 0. 30, and 0. 20 for periods 4-6. (5 points) c. Account the exponential cutting anticipation for periods 2-6 application an antecedent anticipation (Fl) 62, and an 0 of 0. 30. (10 points) d. Calculate the bifold exponential cutting anticipation for periods 2-6 application an antecedent trend anticipation (T 1) of 2. 0, and antecedent exponential cutting anticipation (SSL)of an of 0. 30 and a 0 of 0. 30. (1 5 points) e. Account the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) for the forecasts fabricated by anniversary address in periods 4-6. Which forecasting adjustment do you prefer? Application your adopted address anticipation the demands for the afterward 2 months (months 7-8). (1 5 points) SQ (Total 25 plants) Goodyear Annoy and Rubber Aggregation is the ninth better annoy architect in the world.

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