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Imagine that you and your coworkers/colleagues are carrying this presentation at the Annual Conference of Healthcare Executives in Orlando, Florida.

Please adapt a 20 slide Power Point presentation with presenter’s addendum in which you focus on a distinct ambit of achievement of the U.S. bloom affliction commitment system. Please appraise how achievement on this ambit is afflicted by the alignment and costs of bloom affliction in the U.S. and behavior of key bloom arrangement stakeholders, what charge be improved or adapted to accomplish achievement assets in your called area, and the implications of your assay for bloom action and management. You may focus on achievement in a broadly-defined breadth (such as affection of care, amount or admission to care,  balancing internal/external costs, ambidextrous with authoritative agencies,) or you may ascertain your focus added almost aural one of these categories (e.g., affection of affliction for chronically-ill aged patients, cost-effectiveness of new medical technologies, admission to specialized affliction for low-income populations). In your analysis, please accede all stakeholders accordant to your defined focus—providers, payers and purchasers, patients, communities, policy-makers, and alternative groups that comedy a role in achievement in your focal area—and be abiding to appraise achievement and implications for reform at both the action and commitment arrangement levels.

Be abiding to accommodate “presenter’s notes” at the abject of anniversary slide.

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