This apogee advance will crave a BEST PRACTICES PRESENTATION which will abide of a PowerPoint presentation. The activity presentation will be a abundant presentation account 100 points  The activity presentation should authenticate ability in the called area. The presentation should be formatted as follows:  Apply a Design Theme of your choice  Use APA appearance accurately throughout the presentation  Use actual grammar and punctuation  Format accurately and consistently  Include a appellation accelerate (introduction slide) at the alpha of the presentation and a cessation accelerate at the end of the presentation, and a advertence accelerate appliance APA architecture at the end of the presentation.  Number all slides alpha with the appellation accelerate as accelerate 1  Utilize 10 references from bookish sources…do NOT use Wikipedia (one antecedent can be the textbook)  Cite references aural the presentation appliance actual APA format  Include a minimum of 16 slides which will accommodate the awning and advertence slides  Include at atomic one amount or one table in the presentation and architecture in APA style  Highlight your ability of technology by including alteration and animation  The BEST PRACTICE PRESENTATION can be called from one of the afterward topics:  • Business action and IT outsourcing  • Collaboration tools  • E-commerce  • Enterprise systems  • Business intelligence and big data  • Ability management  • IT security  • Activity management  • Disaster accretion planning  • Managing advice systems  • Web-based training systems  • Software testing and affection assurance  • Document and annal administration systems  • Adaptable appliance and adaptable learning  • Other accessible capacity with assistant permission    Choose a affair in which you are absorbed and in which you accept above-mentioned knowledge. Research best aggregation practices for the accurate topic. Use at atomic 10 references from bookish sources.

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