Your appointment for this assemblage is to complete a PowerPoint presentation based on the afterward scenario: .  The accomplishment ability area you assignment is experiencing counterproductive assignment behavior in the administration (tardiness, poor performance, and gossip) amid the day and black about-face employees. As a result, assembly numbers accept slipped in allegory with alternative bounded assembly accessories in the company. As the newest affiliate of the administration team, you accept been tasked with allegory what is amiss and advancing up with a plan to access job achievement and agent motivation. You are to present your assay and plan in PowerPoint anatomy for the administration team, accepted administrator of your facility, and the bounded manager.   Be abiding to awning the afterward advice in your PowerPoint presentation   Give some accomplishments on your analysis allegation about cerebral dissonance, attitudes, and job performance.  Choose an access for barometer job satisfaction, and explain why this is the appropriate access for your company.  Describe how job altitude can access job satisfaction, and acclaim changes for accretion job satisfaction.  Explain how the alignment can advance achievement through job captivation and cerebral empowerment.  How can administration use these to about-face about the counterproductive assignment behaviors? Identify how you can access agent assurance in the company. What accomplish will you charge to change for black about-face against day shift?  Discuss the job characteristics archetypal and how you can use advice from this in your assembly facility.  Recommend an agent captivation affairs for your company, and explain how this will advice advance artisan satisfaction.   Use the accelerate addendum at the basal of anniversary accelerate to explain advice on the slides. Include cartoon or images as all-important to enhance the affection of the presentation. Your completed PowerPoint presentation charge be at atomic 12 slides in length. You are appropriate to use at atomic three alfresco sources, one of which charge appear from the Waldorf Online Library. All sources used, including the textbook, charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying APA citations. This is Grad school, amuse apperceive what you are doing, aggregate concoction be bookish writing.  I am accepting my Masters.

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