1The Case of L Presenting ProblemClient presented in the emergency allowance (ER)having been brought in the antecedent night by her parents. Following an altercation with her parents, Lcut her appropriate wrist. L's mother reportedthat Lstarted screamingrapidlyand became physically agitated against herprior to acid her own wrist.Psychological Data L is a 17-year-oldHispanicfemale who resides in Pennsylvania with her mother, father,and earlier sister. She is in 11th brand at the bounded accessible school.Lappearedto be of boilerplate to above-average intelligence,as she was able to acknowledge to abundant questions in an clear and able manner. She was able-bodied abreast about apple history and accepted affairs. Her mother confirmedthat shehasdone able-bodied in school, advancement a B+ averageand participatingin assorted academy activities (e.g., chorus, academy paper) until aftermost year. Lslowly alone out of abounding activities she admired in the past. Her mother noticed about 8months ago that Lhad additionally begunhaving adversity accomplishing schoolwork.Erratic behavior aroseduring episodes back Lalsobecameirritable and explosive. During theserepeated episodes,she becamequite defiant, cutclasses, hadto be placed in academy detention, and had alike assaulted the principal. Lhas abundant accompany and believed she can chronicle to all types ofpeople. She has a admirer who adores her, but she said she doesn't feel the aforementioned about him. The academy advisor confirmedthat Lis outgoing, popular,and smart;but during these episodes she became addition person, one who is actual agitated and difficult.Medical History A concrete assay by a agents doctor appear apparent cuts on L’sleft and appropriate wrist. The cuts appeared to be a few weeks old. There were cigarette burns on her appropriate wristthat looked to be about one anniversary old. In analytic Laboutthe cigarette burns, Lresponded, "Ijust capital to see how it felt—now I know."Whenquestioned about old cuts on her larboard wrist,she responded, "I don't appetite to allocution about it."Lweighs 103pounds and is 5’ 6” tall. Ldeniedany dieting or fasting,but her mother noticed over this accomplished year that her weight has dropped. Substance Abuse History L denied any biologic or booze use. Back she was questioned apropos such, her acknowledgment was "I could do drugs if I capital to.I don't appetite to,because it’s dumb."Family History L’s mother is 42 years old and works as a secretary for a ample blast company. Her ancestor is 49years old and operates a baby agriculture business. Both are U.S. citizens, with a cultural accomplishments from Guatemala of which they are proud. Both have  2a aerial academy education. L’s sister is appreciably younger, age-old 8. Their accord is declared as unremarkable,although L’s mother notedthat the adolescent sister stays abroad back Lis upset. Marital affairs are uncertain,although the parents admittedthat they are aggravating to accumulate the ancestors calm for their children,and they are of the Catholic faith. Assay costs for Lhave been an added difficultyfor the family,but they said they are actual afraid about L’s abridgement of abstemiousness and discipline. Extended ancestors are far awayand mostly still in Guatemala. L’s parents were not acquainted ofany alternative ancestors associates with psychiatric problems. Psychiatric HistoryLwasevaluated three times at the association hospital ER during the accomplished 4 years. Hospital evaluations wereusually done afterwards suicide attempts or aggressive agitated behavior against others. Lthoughtthat the clinicians aggravating to analyze her alone hadbook skillsand no bodies skills. She assumedthat no one will anytime apperceive what is amiss with her; she didnot plan to acquaint them because she doesn't like them. Lsaid she knows she “is not crazy,”but she was assertive that the therapist thoughtshe is crazy or a “bad”kid."They're aloof experimenting with me,"Lsaid. Lindicated that she had been assigned medications to adapt hermood,but she couldn't anamnesis what it was,as she stated, "I don't charge those; annihilation is amiss with me."L's mother appear that Lwasinvolved in outpatientcounseling on at atomic four occasions as able-bodied as actuality placed ina apartment already afterwards academy truancy, active abroad fromhome, andthreatening to advance her. A socialworker was alike beatific for home visits for a 3-monthperiod. Each time,Lwould abruptlyend assay by acceptable verbally calumniating or totallynoncommunicative against the therapist and would adamantly debris tocontinue therapy. She alike admittedto advance a board against atherapist and aggressive her with a pencil. Back questionedabout this behavior,Lresponded, "Well she told me to expressmyself and let my accurate animosity out, so I did." (Lalso laughed andglanced ather motherduring this exchange.)L’s mother wasparticularly abashed and afflicted by these behaviors.She statedthat her bedmate is absolutely balked and angry. Both admittedthat L’s behavior is allotment of the ample ache on their marriage. Ldeniedbeing beneath any connected psychiatric affliction eventhough it wasrecommended abundant times.She refusedto go,stating, "The therapists are the ones who are crazy."Lwas aboriginal apparent in outpatient counseling 9 years ago afterwards she began to accept nightmares and accomplished amazing all-overs afterwards her godmother threatened to kidnap her. Her godmother became bedeviled with LwhenLwas 6 years old,first aggressive to kidnap her then. Her godmother had to be institutionalized afterwards announcement camp behavior. Recently,the godmotherstarted threateningto kidnap Lagain. Three years ago,Lwas beatific for counseling afterwards she ran abroad from home afterwards accepting a bad address agenda and additionally advertent that her parents were because a divorce. Lrequested therapy,as she appear that at 8 years of age she was sexually confused by an earlier man inthe association (who is now deceased). She bidding accepting mixedemotions,because she beheld her perpetrator as her friend.By assuming that nothing    The assurance of an able analyst is the  ability to analyze the belief that analyze the assay from any  other achievability (otherwise accepted as a cogwheel diagnosis). An  ambiguous analytic assay can advance to a adulterated advance of assay  and aching the applicant added than it helps. In this Assignment, application the  DSM-5 and all of the abilities you accept acquired to date, you appraise an  actual case applicant called L who is presenting assertive psychosocial  problems (which would be diagnosed application Z codes).  This is a acme of acquirements from all the weeks covered so far. To prepare:  Use a cogwheel assay action and assay of the Brainy Status  Exam in “The Case of L” to actuate if the case meets the belief for a  clinical diagnosis. Submit a 6 folio cardboard in which you: Provide the abounding DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a abounding assay should  include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity,  and the Z codes (other altitude that may charge analytic attention). Explain the abounding diagnosis, analogous the affection of the case to the belief for any diagnoses used.  Identify 2–3 of the abutting differentials that you advised for the  case and accept disqualified out. Concisely explain why these altitude were  considered but eliminated.  Identify the assessments you acclaim to validate treatment.  Explain the annual abaft allotment the appraisal instruments to  support, clarify, or clue assay advance for the diagnosis.  Explain your recommendations for antecedent assets and treatment.  Use bookish assets to abutment your evidence-based assay  recommendations. Explain how you took cultural factors and assortment into annual back authoritative the appraisal and advising interventions.  Identify applicant strengths, and explain how you would advance strengths throughout treatment. Identify specific ability or abilities you would charge to admission to  effectively amusement this client, and accommodate a plan on how you will do so.  APA format Morrison, J. (2014). Assay fabricated easier (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Guilford Press. Chapter 15, “Diagnosing Substance Misuse and Alternative Addictions” (pp. 238–250)   American Psychiatric Association. (2013q). Substance accompanying and addictive disorders. In Diagnostic and statistical chiral of brainy disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author. doi:10.1176/appi.books.9780890425596.dsm16   Note: You will admission this e-book from the Walden Library databases.   Gowin, J. L., Sloan, M. E., Stangl, B. L., Vatsalya, V., & Ramchandani, V. A. (2017). Vulnerability for booze use ataxia and amount of booze consumption. American Journal of Psychiatry, 174(11), 1094–1101. doi:10.1176/appi.ajp.2017.16101180   Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases.   Reus, V. I., Fochtmann, L. J., Bukstein, O., Eyler, A. E., Hilty, D. M., Horvitz-Lennon, M., … Hong, S.-H. (2018). The American Psychiatric Association convenance guideline for the pharmacological assay of patients with booze use disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry, 175(1), 86–90. doi:10.1176/appi.ajp.2017.1750101   Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases.   Stock, A.-K. (2017). Barking up the amiss tree: Why and how we may charge to alter booze addiction therapy. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 1–6. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00884   Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases.   Best, D., Beckwith, M., Haslam, C., Haslam, S. A., Jetten, J., Mawson, E., & Lubman, D. I. (2016). Overcoming booze and alternative biologic addiction as a action of amusing character transition: The amusing character archetypal of accretion (SIMOR). Addiction Research and Theory, 24(2), 111–123. doi:10.3109/16066359.2015.1075980   Hagman, B. T. (2017). Development and psychometric assay of the Brief DSM-5 Booze Use Ataxia Diagnostic Assessment: Towards able assay in academy students. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 31(7), 797–806. doi:10.1037/adb0000320   Helm, P. (2016). Addictions as affecting illness: The testimonies of bearding accretion groups. Alcoholism Assay Quarterly, 34(1), 79–91. doi:10.1080/07347324.2016.1114314   Petrakis, I. L. (2017) The accent of anecdotic characteristics basal the vulnerability to advance booze use disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry, 174(11), 1034–1035. doi:10.1176/appi.ajp.2017.17080915   Hom, M. A., Lim, I. C., Stanley, I. H., Chiurliza, B., Podlogar, M. C., Michaels, M. S., ... Joiner, T. E., Jr. (2016). Insomnia brings soldiers into brainy bloom treatment, predicts assay engagement, and outperforms alternative suicide-related affection as a augur of above depressive episodes. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 79, 108–115. doi:10.1016/j.jpsychires.2016.05.008

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