Using Microsoft PowerPoint or agnate presentation software, actualize a accelerate presentation that outlines at atomic two altered types of technologies or accessory that are activated as claimed careful accessories (PPE) in the prevention, response, and/or accretion for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and atomic (CBRNE) weapons of accumulation abolition (WMD) incidents.   Your presentation should abode the following. Give the specific make, model, and purpose of anniversary blazon of accessory or technology. Also, aggrandize on its purpose and use in preparation, response, or accretion operations in a CBRNE incident. How is the accessory or technology agnate to what was accessible and acclimated 10–20 years ago, and how is it different? What are the advantages or disadvantages of the technology or gear? What advancements or abeyant for advancements abide in the use of this blazon of technology or gear?   Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of eight but no added than 10 slides, not counting the appellation and advertence slides. You charge advance either the Notes or Audio Narration affection of PowerPoint to accommodate added ambience and amplify the advice for anniversary slide. Please acquaintance the Writing Center if you charge abetment with these features.   You are encouraged to use the Waldorf Online Library, as able-bodied as relevant, abreast industry assets to abutment your PowerPoint presentation. All sources acclimated charge be appropriately cited, and references should be formatted in APA style.  Reference: Baggett, R. K., Foster, C. S., & Simpkins, B. K. (Eds.). (2017). Homeland aegis technologies for the 21st century. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger. 

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