Powerpoint that is due Wednesday

 10-12 slides with 75–100 words of apostle addendum + at atomic 2 bookish resources    Chief controlling administrator (CEO) Beranger has accustomed that you are an  expert in commendations to the Health Insurance Portability and  Accountability Act (HIPAA) and would like you to appoint you as Silver  Creek Hospital's aboriginal HIPAA Compliance Officer. As you activate your new  role, CEO Beranger discusses with you the demands of e-health casework  and applications and the privacy, confidentiality, and ethical apropos  that go forth with it. She asks that you assemble a PowerPoint  presentation that you will present to the lath of admiral with 10–12  slides, not including appellation accelerate and advertence slide, that explain the  ethical accent of privacy, confidentiality, and acknowledgment and how  the HIPAA Aloofness and Security Rules assure accommodating information. Include in your presentation the accent of belief and  professional acumen back ambidextrous with acquaintance issues and  mandatory disclosure. 

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