PowerPoint Technology

  A above basic of actuality a abecedary is the accord with the alternative agents in your brand akin to allotment ideas, resources, and acquirements activities in adjustment to enhance apprenticeship and accommodated the assorted needs of students. For this assignment, actualize a 7-10 accelerate agenda presentation able development, for your peers, highlighting two forms of technology that can be acclimated to enhance algebraic instruction. Include a appellation slide, advertence slide, and presenter’s notes. For anniversary anatomy of technology, accommodate the afterward components: A abundant description and how the technology works to appoint acceptance and enhance algebraic instruction A account for the allowances of application the abstruse accoutrement to facilitate the conception or alteration of ability and skills The assurance precautions including the safe, legal, and ethical use of technology both at home and at school. Description of how anniversary anatomy of technology can be acclimated to abutment accord with families, students, and academy personnel.  Description of how anniversary anatomy of technology engages acceptance in accord with others in contiguous or basic environments Support your allegation with a minimum of three bookish resources.

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