PowerPoint – quantitative analysis methods

   In this assignment, you will actualize a PowerPoint presentation that capacity a cardinal of quantitative assay methods and indicates how and back they should be acclimated to break business problems. Requirements: · Accommodate an assay of 10 altered methods. o At atomic four methods charge not accept been anon covered in the course. · For anniversary assay adjustment includes: 1. A one accelerate description of the adjustment and the blazon of botheration it can be acclimated to solve. 2. An archetype of the adjustment in use. 3. 2-4 references anecdotic the adjustment and/or examples 4. A applied example, ad-lib a business botheration and briefly call it in one slide. 5. Actualize a simple accommodation timberline to baddest the quantitative adjustment acclimated to appraise it, accommodate a sample appraisal and advocacy for the business problem. Instruction: Power Point For your ability point, amuse use APA format, so there should be a awning slide, and your name charge be included on the awning slide. Then you chase the admonition for the appointment which are laid out for you. You charge to analysis these terminologies and adduce area necessary. Amuse do not accommodate quotes in your PowerPoint, it is not a affirmation of your knowledge. You charge to digest your analysis and adduce it accordingly. All assignment charge be presented on the slide, annihilation should be placed on the addendum area of the PowerPoint. At the end of your presentation, you charge to accommodate a advertence slide. You charge to account 10 methods, for anniversary adjustment address a baby description of the method, and accommodate an archetype of the method. Anniversary accelerate should accept at atomic one citation. You charge to use at atomic two sources from the university’s online library. For the additional allotment of the presentation you charge to actualize a applied example, amuse feel chargeless to accomplish up a aggregation or use a aggregation that you are accustomed with. Cover Introduction  10 slides, one for anniversary blazon of method 1 for archetype problem Reference So in absolute 14-15 slides.

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