Powerpoint Presentation – Research Techniques (12 Slides)

MUST BE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL WORK - 12 Slides You are the assay administrator at a bank, and you are grappling with a botheration that needs added research. Your actual administrator is absorbed in application assay and ascertainment assay techniques in researching this botheration and requests that you adapt a presentation to brainwash him on these methods. You are borderline whether application these techniques would be adequate, but you set yourself on a mission to assay the two assay methods to accommodate him with the best information. Compile a PowerPoint with your assay of assay and ascertainment as they administer to your aggregation and/or discipline. In your PowerPoint, be abiding to abode the afterward questions/topics:  1. Describe specific assay and empiric methods that could be acclimated aural your conduct to accumulate data. Include your rationale.  2. Evaluate their capability with account to assertive areas aural your discipline.  3. Include aggregation or authoritative examples, as relevant.  4. In your opinion, are there any ethical implications with the use of assay and empiric methods aural your discipline?  Your presentation charge be at atomic 12 slides in breadth (including a appellation accelerate and a advertence slide). In this presentation, you are appropriate to use apostle notes. In the apostle notes, you will accommodate what you would say if you were absolutely giving the presentation to your supervisor.

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