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   PowerPoint Presentation Plan and aftermath an organized and logically planned and accomplished assay access for a business affair of your choice. - Identify a business botheration that you will conduct bazaar assay to break (solve bazaar markets/products / articles / customers/employees/revenue/profits issues) - Determine the blazon of abstracts bare to break the botheration you identified, and the assay apparatus to aggregate the all-important data - Design your called tool(s) - Analyze the abstracts you collected Format: - Introduction - Background - Business Opportunity - Assay Objectives - Methodology (data accumulating methods: secondary, primary, quantitative, qualitative, sampling; abstracts assay techniques) - Implementation Plan (time and amount estimates) - Abstracts Assay and Interpretation - Business Recommendation  - Conclusion - References Present your allegation and actionable insights to the chic in a PowerPoint architecture presentation. feedback on consign assay submitted by me  Content and Assay - Acceptable all-embracing feel for the consign and your  market approved - acceptable empiric capacity angle out actuality - affirmation  of consign bazaar assay - but could use a bit added details/cost  benefit SWOT would accept been advantageous 7/10 Structure - acceptable anatomy in place, sourcing acceptable - all-embracing bright presentation 7.5/10

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