Powerpoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation will calculation as your presentation grade.  You will analysis and analyze altered aspects of apprenticeship by creating your own school. Do not alone archetype and adhesive advice from the internet. If you archetype and adhesive from the internet, you will accept a “0.” Put the advice into your own words.  Use adroitness and accomplish it interesting. Accommodate images in your slides and absolutely explain anniversary one of the elements. Accommodate at atomic 20 slides, if not more. Introduce your academy by accouterment the history of the school. Create a name for it. What is its mission, its goals and objectives. Curriculum (What affectionate is actuality used, and how able is it?) Give a abundant point-by-point account of your curriculum. Identify the brand akin of the school. Learning objectives and acquirements outcomes in the classroom; account and explain them. Tests (What kind? and how do they chronicle to the acquirements objectives or outcomes in the classroom?) Funding (What kind? and how is it distributed) Learning Activities and Extra-Curricular Activities Teacher/Student Ratio Administrative Involvement with adroitness and acceptance (explain) Identify three above problems in your assigned academy commune (see the account below). Do not accommodate behavioral problems or testing problems as one of your problems. Accommodate two reliable sources (critical articles) from JSU’s database alone as evidence. For example, if you accompaniment that behavioral issues are above problems in the school, accommodate a analytical commodity from JSU’s database that supports your problem. Exclude behavioral problems, testing, and blowing as your problems. Three above resolutions to your problems in the academy (provide three analytical accessories from JSU’s database alone as affirmation of these resolutions. Your aesthetics of apprenticeship (at atomic 10 to 12 sentences) School's motto, amulet and colors Three acclaimed educators--provide a abrupt biographical account and accommodate the accession these bodies accept fabricated in the educational system. Include a YouTube video in your Powerpoint and share, in a paragraph, what it is discussing accompanying to education. From the readings on your abridgement beneath "The Myth of Apprenticeship and Empowerment," accept your two admired quotations from two of the essays and explain why you admired these quotations. Accommodate the authors and titles of the essays. Your reflection:  explain what you accept abstruse from accomplishing this activity (a branch of 8 to 10 sentences.  Leave the clairvoyant with a absolute thought. Your works cited area will be the aftermost accelerate of the presentation. Your works cited area should be typed in the MLA format, not the APA format.  In addition, use your handbook to abetment you or go the https://owl.english.purdue.edu  (Links to an alien site.) for abetment with the MLA format. Read carefully.

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